The first vertical cable car

Brighton will soon be home to ‘the world’s first vertical cable car’, which will be the highest observation point in the UK (outside of London).

Due to open this summer, the British Airways i360 will reach 162 metres into the sky, overlooking the stunning Sussex coastline.

The tower was designed by the brains behind the London Eye, Marks Barfield Architects and Poma, and it’s expected to hold up to 200 people at a time.

Read more about the world first here and let us know if you’ll be visiting it.

Brighton cable car 22.01.16.JPG

Google’s hidden party tricks

Most of us use Google every day, but do you know the fun things you can make the search engine do?

By entering certain search terms into Google, you can make the results page perform unexpected actions, such as barrel rolling, mimicking the Star Wars scroll, and transforming Images into a game of Breakout.

You can even Google like it’s 1998.

All of the tricks work in Chrome – some work on other browsers and on mobile.

Discover Google’s Easter Eggs here and let us know if you’ve come across any others.

Google tricks 27.01.16.png

LG goes theatrical with new campaign

LG has channeled West Side Story, Rumble Fish, and more with its brilliant new experiential campaign.

Promoting the brand’s new TwinWash machine, which can wash delicates and regulars at the same time, two sets of oversized clothes battle in a choreographed street fight under the bright lights of New York City.

With a troupe of dancers and 16-foot-tall ‘clothes’ puppets, the immersive experience recreates the 3D animated TV ad shown during the Golden Globes.

The original ad took over four months to complete, as it included 3D scanning of NYC locations, as well as motion capture of dancers and martial artists.

Watch the ad below and take a look at the outdoor marketing stunt here.

LG washing 21.01.16.png

How technology is changing audio consumption

2016 is set to be a real turning point for marketing and futuristic technology – but how can it change the way we consume audio?

Adweek interviewed Lizzie Widhelm, SVP Ad Product Strategy and Sale at Pandora, discussing technology’s impact on audio consumption and marketing.

The interview touches on a wearable ‘necklace translator’ and how our media environments will become highly personalised.

Watch the interview here to find out more.

Audio technology 14.01.16.jpg

Disney’s VertiGo robot

An incredible four-wheeled robot has been created by Disney – and it can climb walls.

Disney Research Zurich and Swiss technology institute ETH have built this gravity-defying robot, named VertiGo, which is a rather neat spin on a traditional remote control car.

While the wheels stay on the surface at all times, ‘drivers’ can adjust the robot’s propellers to make it flip onto walls, helping it defy gravity.

Disney Research Zurich said: “By transitioning from the ground to a wall and back again, VertiGo extends the ability of robots to travel through urban and indoor environments”.

Read more about the robot here and let us know what you think of it – would you put VertiGo on your Christmas list?

Disney robot 12.01.16.png

The future of marketing?

Are sensors the next marketing phenomenon?

According to tech-savvy branding agencies and marketing experts, sensory products such as wearables are going to be key for 2016.

So far, we are in the earlier stages of this futuristic technology; however, some marketers believe that sensory products are going to be the best way to gather data and insights on consumer behaviour.

From beacons to clothing, sensory products are slowly becoming part of our everyday lives – just look at the Apple Watch or Google’s Virtual Reality.

Read Adweek’s in depth article on sensory products here and let us know what you think.

Sensory technology 05.01.16.png


New York’s Winter Garden has received a mesmerising transformation with 650 pulsating lanterns.

Design firm Rockwell Group suspended colourful light cubes inside the Manhattan atrium, naming the installation ‘Luminaries’.

Luminaries is controlled by ‘wishing stations’ at the base of the sculpture, which allow visitors to control the colour of each cube, while five light shows have also been programmed into the display.

If you’re lucky enough to be in New York, the mesmerising installation will be open until January.

Take a  closer look at Luminaries here and tell us what you think of it.

Lanterns installation 10.12.15.png

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