Pepsi Max ‘Time Tunnel’ surprises commuters

Time TunnelPepsi Max surprised commuters with the latest instalment of its ‘Unbelievable’ campaign.

The Time Tunnel stunt used augmented reality and stereo projection to make dinosaurs, robots, and flying cars ‘appear’ from a vortex, stunning members of the public as they wandered through the tunnel at London Bridge.

The video has been viewed nearly five million times at the time of writing and you can watch it below.

Tell us what you think of this innovative stunt.

The North Face surprises shoppers with vanishing floor

The North FaceOutdoors brand The North Face has given its customers a new challenge with its pop-up shop in South Korea.

Known for representing exhilarating outdoor sports, the company surprised unsuspecting shoppers by slowly removing the floor from underneath their feet.

The customers had to grab hold of the wall, which was covered in rock-climbing holds, but a greater challenge awaited them in the form of an item of North Face clothing and a countdown timer.

Watch the video below to discover the outcome of the challenge and tell us what you think of the stunt.

Seven generations of the Porsche 911 ‘sing’ happy birthday

To celebrate the 50th birthday of the Porsche 911, the German automotive company created a ‘car symphony’ to sing itself happy birthday.

Featuring seven generations of the Porsche 911, the cars joined together in revving their engines to the familiar tune of ‘happy birthday’.

To coincide with this video Porsche has also released a game which allows users to use cars to play different songs.

See this stunt in the video below, and tell us what tunes you think your car could belt out.

Ground-breaking stunt in Milan

Europ Assistance Italia, an Italian insurance company launched this ambitious marketing stunt in Milan by installing a submarine into the surface of the streets – making it appear like it had risen from below!

A group of actors even emerged from within the submarine to meet with emergency crews at the scene.

This brilliant stunt comes from advertising agency M & C Saatchi Milano.

You can see this stunt in the video below, tell us how you would deal with a submarine popping up in your town centre.

Volvo Trucks begin ‘The Chase’

Volvo Trucks has been releasing a series of videos showing imaginative ways they ‘test’ their vehicles, this latest edition involves their FL being chased through a Spanish town by a group of raging bulls.

This daredevil stunt was created with Swedish agency Forsman and Bodenfors.

The idea of this test was to show how the Volvo Trucks’ new city distribution vehicle handles extreme conditions and pressure situations.

You can enjoy this stunt from a 360 degree camera here, or see the video below, and tell us if you would be brave enough to lead the chase.

Gigantic Lottery balls float down the River Thames

To launch the new and improved National Lottery six huge lottery balls have floated down the River Thames on route to Scotland.

The theory behind the idea was that these gigantic symbolised a ‘new, bigger lotto’ that will reward 1,000 lottery players with £20,000 pounds each.

The revamped lottery will aim to fund more National Lottery projects across the UK as well as striving to allow players to win more money.

Take a look at the video below to see this in action, and tell us if this convinces you to buy a ticket.

Time to cuddle!

A giant teddy bear has arrived in Warsaw, Poland offering cuddles, hugs and a cosy place to stop by and take a load off.

Iza Rutkowska, from the Forms and Shapes Foundation, came up with the idea in response to the current statues in Warsaw – because many commemorate wartime experiences or sociopolitical issues.

Bringing a more light-hearted approach to living in Warsaw, the teddy bear travels around the city to beaches and local parks.

Soon the teddy bear named, ‘the cuddly’, will travel to other countries too.

Take a look at the project here and tell us if you spot this teddy bear!

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