Edoardo Tresoldi’s Incipit

An ethereal sculpture made of wire mesh lingers in an Italian harbour town ‘like a fading memory’.

Edoardo Tresoldi’s Incipit installation has been showcased at the Meeting del Mare in Camerota, Italy.

The Gothic tower is made from a mesh of thin black wire that has been manipulated and moulded into a large archway, with thousands of small squares that hold astonishing renderings of birds in flight.

The transparency of the dark sculpture, especially when contrasting against a twilight sky, conveys a slightly eerie or ghostly feel.

Take a closer look here at Incipit and tell us what you think.

Wire Mesh Sculpture 08.09.15.png

Intricate book sculptures

An artist has taken the rich detailed worlds in novels and transformed them into beautiful three-dimensional sculptures emerging from each book.

Su Blackwell’s new exhibition was inspired by her favourite books and how ‘dwelling can act as imaginative space’.

After reading each book, Blackwell would form dwellings from the pages by cutting, carving, and adding detail within the sculpture.

Described as a very time-consuming technique, it brings together the physical elements of each particular book, from large trees to detailed leaves, creating a magical effect.

Each sculpture tells a story that has envisioned the way each novel would look in a child’s mind.

You can see the incredible dioramas for yourself – they’re on show from September 17th to October 9th in Westminster’s Long & Ryle Gallery.

Take a look at some of Blackwell’s sculptures here  and tell us what you think of them.

Book sculptures 08.09.15.png

Britain’s tallest sculpture gains a slide

London architecture firm Bblur has designed an epic slide, which will wrap around the tallest sculpture in the UK.

The ArcelorMittal Orbit, an observation tower in London’s Olympic Park, will be home to a slide that allows visitors to exit the tower in a more stylish way than usual – at 15mph.

The slide itself, which will be around 180m long, will get riders to the bottom in approximately 40 seconds, giving them a unique view of the city skyline along the way.

Opening in spring 2016, the slide may become a new hit tourist attraction – read more about this fun idea here.

London Slide 06.08.15.png

An industrial labyrinth

A Belgian design team has created an industrial twist on the famous Labyrinth, playing with space and structure for an interactive experience.

Gijs Van Vaerenbergh’s one kilometre ‘Labyrint’ sculpture consists of 186 tonnes of steel, which form intricate corridors five metres high.

The installation uses large geometric shapes, such as cones and spheres, to create intriguing voids and offer unique perspectives for visitors, allowing them to see into other sections and outside the maze.

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the C-Mine Art Centre in Genk, Labyrint also features a steel tower, which provides a bird’s eye view of the sculpture.

Take a closer look at Labyrint here and tell us if you would dare to experience it.

Labyrint 04.08.15.jpg

A DNA-inspired art trail

Cancer Research UK has launched an innovative art trail, based on the DNA double helix.

The organisation has teamed up with SomeOne to install twenty one DNA-inspired sculptures around London, in order to raise awareness for the Francis Crick Institute.

The double helix sculptures has been customised by top artists, including Ai Weiwei and Orla Kiely.

The pieces range from the sleek and futuristic to the colourful and avant-garde, celebrating the complexity of DNA.

Along with Rosalind Franklin, Maurice Wilkins, and James Watson, Francis Crick discovered the structure of DNA in the 1950s.

These amazing installations will be placed around London for ten weeks; discover them here and tell us if you’ll be looking out for them.

DNA trail 14.07.15.png

Madison Square Park’s striking mirage

A stunning mirrored structure has been installed above Madison Square Park in New York.

Teresita Fernández’s 500ft sculpture is made of uniquely shaped mirror-polished discs, creating a kaleidoscopic illusion known as a ‘Fata Morgana’. 

‘Fata Morgana’ creates an ethereal experience for Park visitors, becoming ‘a ghost-like, sculptural, luminous mirage that both distorts the landscape and radiates golden light’, as the artist explained.

The installation will remain in Madison Square Park until Winter 2016.

Take a closer look at this impressive structure here and tell us if you’ll be visiting the Park.

madison square garden 04.06.15.png


Two artists have completed a unique sculptural project made from several layers of coloured glass.

Lucie Boucher and Bernie Huebne created Glasscapes, a collection of three stunning sculptures with hand-cut painted glass layers that can be rearranged.

For instance, the seascape Ocean Laughter II can either look like a tumultuous ocean or a harmonious work of geometric art.

Explore Glasscapes here and let us know what you think.

3D waves 13.05.5.jpg

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