Breathtaking photos of polar wildlife

Striking new images by Kyriakos Kaziras capture some of the wintry magic of the North and South Poles.

The photographer’s ‘White Dream Arctic’ and ‘White Dream Antarctic’ projects include candid shots of penguins and polar bears in their natural habitats.

Through a series of expeditions, Kaziras has revealed the unique personalities of the animals he has photographed, creating heartwarming and often hilarious pictures.

Take a closer look at the stunning photography here and tell us which image is your favourite.

Arctic images 22.01.16.png

‘Living moments’ captured as GIFs

What better way to showcase beautiful photography but by presenting each image as a living moment?

Photographers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg specialise in producing high end cinemagraphs, which are still photographs that contain subtle aspects of motion.

Their mesmerising work of everyday situations includes a cookie dripping milk into a glass and a flickering fire; you’ll find it hard to tear your eyes from the slow repetition of movement each GIF contains.

Take a look at the intriguing collection here and let us know what you think.

Cinemagraph 20.01.16.png

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

This may well be the perfect Friday pick-me up: the winners of the first annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been revealed.

The photographs bring a sense of humour to the beauty of nature, with candid images of an eccentric lemur pulling a Travolta pose and a seal that looks like it’s literally rolling on the floor laughing, all in breathtaking surroundings.

Awards founder Paul Joynson-Hicks explained: “I often enter wildlife photography competitions but I love seeing the funny pictures. Strangely enough, they are harder to come by than you might think.”

Take a look at the images here and let us know your favourites.

Funny animal pictures 18.12.15.png

The World’s Fastest Place

‘The World’s Fastest Place’ is a unique book of stunning photography, examining the motor racers of the Bonneville Salt Flats.

The author/photographer Alexandra Lier has documented the adrenaline-fuelled petrolheads who descend on the Utah salt pan each year with their bikes, cars, and trucks, capturing the desolate white landscape against an ethereal blue sky.

The Salt Flats are home to more speed records than any other location on Earth, and the book recreates some of the incredible atmosphere by incorporating a QR code that holds audio of some of the races.

Find out more about ‘The World’s Fastest Place’ here and tell us what you think of it.

Bonnville racing 04.11.15.png

Urban Photographer of the Year

CBRE’s Urban Photographer of the Year competition has just published a selection of this year’s winning images.

Celebrating the cultural diversity of urban life, 21,000 incredible images from 113 countries were entered into the contest.

Categories included ‘Mobile’, ‘Young Person’, and ‘Regional’, as well as the intriguing ‘Hourly’ section, which showcases the best photographs taken at each hour of the day.

The overall winner, Oscar Rialubin’s ‘Xyclops’ is a dramatic black and white photograph of a man at work.

Take a look at some of the winners here and let us know your favourites.

Urban Photography 3.11.15.png

Well-dressed wildlife in Paris

Paris is seen as one of the fashion capitals of the world, but now it’s also home to some rather dapper wildlife.

Artist Julien Nonnon projects images of well-dressed wildlife onto Parisian buildings, adding plenty of colour to the landscape at night.

Described as an ‘urban safari’, the collection of ‘digital graffiti’ depicts a wide variety of animals in interesting ourfits, from a cheetah in a bomber jacket to a besuited eagle.

The project has a serious message behind it, according to Nonnon: ‘[it] question[s] our ambivalent desire to be both unique and wanting to belong to a well-defined group. In our way of dressing, we express our vision of the world, while indirectly revealing our social position and financial power. fashion is nothing other than a means of communication, of integration and belonging to a group.’

Take a look at this dapper menagerie here or watch the video below.

Safari art 3.11.15.png

Monster House

One photographer has really entered into the Halloween spirit: she’s transformed her parents’ home into a monster house.

Christine McConnell’s striking vision, all bloodshot green eyes and yellowing fangs, has certainly given new life to the house, while an array of happy looking pumpkins provides a more light-hearted touch.

McConnell’s creativity doesn’t stop there: at night, the house is surrounded by a mysterious mist and a green glow…

Take a closer look at the stunning decoration here and let us know if you’d turn your home into a monster house.

Halloween House 30.10.15.JPG

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