Watch butterflies flutter and birds flap their wings with some mesmerising machine-operated flipbooks.

Artist Juan Fontanive’s ‘Ornithology’ collections are currently on show in New York’s Danese/Corey Art Gallery.

The beautifully detailed illustrations, which are printed on Bristol paper, are built into a motorised device.

Showcasing an incredible combination of striking colours and a stainless steel frame, the ‘Ornithology’ series seamlessly creates a story when played together.

Watch the animated flipbook below and let us know what you think of the stunning work.


Bird flipbook 26.01.16.png

Breathtaking photos of polar wildlife

Striking new images by Kyriakos Kaziras capture some of the wintry magic of the North and South Poles.

The photographer’s ‘White Dream Arctic’ and ‘White Dream Antarctic’ projects include candid shots of penguins and polar bears in their natural habitats.

Through a series of expeditions, Kaziras has revealed the unique personalities of the animals he has photographed, creating heartwarming and often hilarious pictures.

Take a closer look at the stunning photography here and tell us which image is your favourite.

Arctic images 22.01.16.png

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

This may well be the perfect Friday pick-me up: the winners of the first annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been revealed.

The photographs bring a sense of humour to the beauty of nature, with candid images of an eccentric lemur pulling a Travolta pose and a seal that looks like it’s literally rolling on the floor laughing, all in breathtaking surroundings.

Awards founder Paul Joynson-Hicks explained: “I often enter wildlife photography competitions but I love seeing the funny pictures. Strangely enough, they are harder to come by than you might think.”

Take a look at the images here and let us know your favourites.

Funny animal pictures 18.12.15.png

Aerial panoramas reveal Earth’s unseen beauty

Aerial panoramas give us a sense of how a bird would view our world from above, often revealing previously unseen beauty.

The photographers behind ‘AirPano’, an organisation providing virtual tours from a bird’s eye view, have ventured around the world to create breathtaking images, from natural scenery to city panoramas.

Showcasing iconic buildings and popular travel destinations from different perspectives, AirPano’s team took their task one step further – instead of merely flying in helicopters, they also used aeroplanes and hot air balloons to capture the stunning vistas at different heights.

Take a look at all the images here and tell us what you think.

Aerial Panoramas 05.08.15.png

Clever WWF ads conceal endangered animals

The World Wide Fund for Nature has released a new series of adverts using optical illusions to raise awareness about endangered species.

The charity emphasises the fast extinction of some species, such as the polar bear and the Sumatran tiger, through psychedelic black and white images concealing an endangered animal.

Using the line ‘The [animal] is becoming harder to see’, the WWF conveys the sense of urgency facing some of these species, encouraging readers to protect them while they still can.

Discover these clever ads here and let us know what you think of them.

WWF ad 15.07.15.jpg

World’s first underground park in New York

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to create the first world’s first underground park in New York.

James Ramsey of Raad Studio and Daniel Barasch, a former radio producer, are the creators of Lowline, which came up with this unique project.

The idea is to turn an abandoned underground trolley terminal into a public park, which is imagined as ‘a stunning underground park, providing a beautiful respite and a cultural attraction in one of the world’s most dense urban environments’ by the non-profit organization.

Lowline is looking to raise £127,000 by the end of the campaign, which finishes on the 8th of July.

Find out more about this unusual project here and tell us if you’ll be taking part.

Underground park 30.06.15.png

A village reclaimed by nature

A ‘lost’ fishing village on the eastern coast of China has been given a new, beautiful lease of life – it’s been reclaimed by nature.

Houtou Wan Village, in the Zhoushan Archipelago, was still occupied and thriving in the Fifties, but due to urbanisation, its population began to leave.

Now, with just a few residents left in the village, nature has started swallow bricks and paths, covering entire buildings with verdant green leaves and twisting brown branches.

The village has now been completely transformed into an almost silent, magical environment, haunting and undisturbed by humanity.

Discover this unique village here and tell us if you would like to visit it.

Chinese village 25.06.15.png

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