Disney’s VertiGo robot

An incredible four-wheeled robot has been created by Disney – and it can climb walls.

Disney Research Zurich and Swiss technology institute ETH have built this gravity-defying robot, named VertiGo, which is a rather neat spin on a traditional remote control car.

While the wheels stay on the surface at all times, ‘drivers’ can adjust the robot’s propellers to make it flip onto walls, helping it defy gravity.

Disney Research Zurich said: “By transitioning from the ground to a wall and back again, VertiGo extends the ability of robots to travel through urban and indoor environments”.

Read more about the robot here and let us know what you think of it – would you put VertiGo on your Christmas list?

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A vending machine for cars

We’ve all dropped a coin into a vending machine for a drink or snack…but what about for a car?

Online car seller Carvana has brought the future to car sales with the ‘world’s first fully-automated, coin-operated car vending machine’.

Carvana’s customers in Nashville, Tennesee can purchase a car with one special coin, which will activate a hydraulic lift delivering their chosen vehicle. 

As the fun ad states, unfortunately you can’t shake the machine in hope of getting a car for free.

Watch the video below to find out how this innovative idea has become a reality and let us know what you think of it – is it a fad or the future?

Carvana 25.11.15.png

Friday Five: Innovative Billboards

Friday Five is back again and this week, we’ve chosen our favourite fun billboards from around the world:

1. Mr Kipling
Why use paper when you can use cake? Mr Kipling created a billboard made entirely of edible treats – definitely the most delicious ad on our list.

2. British Airways
Piccadilly Circus is known for its bright lights and billboards – this Cannes Lion winner was an interactive real-time ad that pointed out BA planes as they flew overhead.

3. Glad Cling Wrap
680 orange slices were placed on an outdoor billboard with just a select few wrapped in cling film. Embodying the tag line ‘Fresher Longer’, the wrapped oranges stayed fresh, while the others rotted away.

4. BBC World
A more thoughtful ad, which saw BBC World use clever perspective and angles to let viewers ‘see both sides of the story’.

5. Adidas
And finally, goalkeeper Petr Cech ‘supported’ Vienna’s Prater Ferris Wheel on a very ambitious billboard.

Let us know what you think of our list and tell us if you’d nominate any other creative billboards.

Friday Five 27.11.15.png

Well-dressed wildlife in Paris

Paris is seen as one of the fashion capitals of the world, but now it’s also home to some rather dapper wildlife.

Artist Julien Nonnon projects images of well-dressed wildlife onto Parisian buildings, adding plenty of colour to the landscape at night.

Described as an ‘urban safari’, the collection of ‘digital graffiti’ depicts a wide variety of animals in interesting ourfits, from a cheetah in a bomber jacket to a besuited eagle.

The project has a serious message behind it, according to Nonnon: ‘[it] question[s] our ambivalent desire to be both unique and wanting to belong to a well-defined group. In our way of dressing, we express our vision of the world, while indirectly revealing our social position and financial power. fashion is nothing other than a means of communication, of integration and belonging to a group.’

Take a look at this dapper menagerie here or watch the video below.


Safari art 3.11.15.png

A unique paper plane collection

The unique paper plane collection curated by an artist over twenty years has been documented in a new book.

‘Paper Airplanes: The Collections of Harry Smith…’ examines the Beat artist’s intriguing hobby, which saw him trailing the streets of New York City in search of paper aeroplanes.

Harry Smith’s collection, which finally totalled 251 planes, provides an insight into how the iconic city has evolved over time.

Take a look at some of the beautiful collection here and let us know what you think of it.

paper airplanes 26.10.15.png


Street art has been taken to a whole new level with a unique ‘audiovisual’ tricycle project.

Suaveciclos, devised by Ygor Marotta and Ceci Soloaga, sees the artists travelling around the world on their innovative bikes, which they’ve augmented with computers, speakers, and projectors.

This upgrade means the tricycles can project colourful animations onto their surroundings, and the artists can manipulate them to interact with passers-by in real time.

See Suaveciclos in action below and let us know what you think of the fun idea.


Suaveciclos 23.10.15.jpg

Futuristic jobs that actually exist

Mashable has put together a great list of futuristic-sounding jobs that some lucky people actually have.

From certified UAV pilots to big data architects, the selection recognises how the world of work is turning more towards sustainability, data, and of course, innovative tech.

Here are some of our favourites:

3D-printed clothing designer

3D printing is becoming increasingly accessible, being used in construction and the creative industries. With 3D-printed clothes already popping up on the catwalk and the technology taking the accessories sector by stealth, this really could be the future of fashion.

Smart grid solution architect

One of the more obscure titles on the list, a smart grid solution architect devises ways to combine green energy with conventional infrastructure, preparing our cities for a more clean way of living.

Alternative currency specialist

Bitcoin and other alternative currencies may be a flash in the pan, but they might also change the face of banking forever. Naturally, then, we would need financial advisors and analysts with expertise in this area.

Read the whole list here and tell us which job role you would pick – or let us know if you’ve got a great futuristic job.

Future jobs 22.10.15.jpg

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