Watch butterflies flutter and birds flap their wings with some mesmerising machine-operated flipbooks.

Artist Juan Fontanive’s ‘Ornithology’ collections are currently on show in New York’s Danese/Corey Art Gallery.

The beautifully detailed illustrations, which are printed on Bristol paper, are built into a motorised device.

Showcasing an incredible combination of striking colours and a stainless steel frame, the ‘Ornithology’ series seamlessly creates a story when played together.

Watch the animated flipbook below and let us know what you think of the stunning work.


Bird flipbook 26.01.16.png

50 years, 50 famous cars

From Knight Rider to Ghostbusters, many films and TV series are known for their iconic vehicles as much as for their plotlines and characters.

Artist Scott Park and website Jalopnik have teamed up to showcase the best fifty cars in film and TV over the past fifty years in a nifty short video.

The cars featured include the famous Mini from The Italian Job (1969), the sleek and imposing Batmobile from Tim Burton’s Batman (1989), and the Gigahorse from last year’s Mad Max: Fury Road.

Watch the video below and tell us which car is your favourite – or which others should have been included.

50 cars 08.01.16.png

The Map of London Slang

A map of London slang has been released, proving there’s more to the capital’s vocabulary than the ‘apples and pears’ of Cockney Rhyming Slang. by a cartographer and a lexicographer.

Cartographer Adam Dant and lexicographer Jonathon Green have created Argotopolis, a map that covers London slang according to different neighbourhoods.

From the melting pot colloquialisms of Notting Hill to the Yiddish of Hampstead, the map typifies each area with a residence or building (such as Selfridges or David Cameron’s House).

A limited edition of 50 hand-tinted prints is available, while an online version lets you can brush up on your London lingo and discover the heroes of slang.

Take a look at this original map here and tell us what other (polite) London slang you know.

Argotopolis 16.06.15.png

Banksy-inspired adult colouring book

If you still have fond memories of colouring books from your childhood, why not give them a subversive spin with a colouring book inspired by Banksy?

‘Butcher Billy Bullies Banksy’ combines famous cartoons with some of Banksy’s most iconic work, this time in colouring book form.

These include ‘Bomb Hugger’ recreated with The Road Runner and ‘One Nation Under CCTV’ with Top Cat and Officer Dibble.

Take a closer look at the colouring book here and tell us if you’ll be buyng it.

Banksy colouring book 15.06.15.png

Illustrated animations celebrate happiness

A Japanese artist has turned everyday moments into cute animated illustrations.

Maori Sakai conveys the message ‘happiness is by your side’ with her collection of sweet gifs, which include a character relaxing with coffee, books, and cats, and another figure buying flowers.

The artist hopes that the quaint animations will help people find happiness in everyday experiences, explaining: “I think most people depend on others or a lot of money to feel this happiness, but I think, happiness is always a state of mind”. 

Take a look at the animations here and tell us if they inspire you to find happiness in the quieter moments of life.

illustrated animation 03.06.15.png

Art that uses mirrors to reflect its true image

Anamorphic artA late Renaissance art form is making a comeback and Bored Panda has collected some of the best results.

Mirror anamorphosis is an artistic technique that uses distorted mirrors placed on an abstract image, transforming the details into a recognisable picture.

The examples, by a range of artists, include a rocky seascape transformed into author Jules Verne and a circular pattern reflected as an eye.

Take a look at the collection here and tell us which is your favourite.

‘Artistect’ combines fine art with architecture

Illustrator Federico BabinaArtistect has continued his examination of architecture by ‘mashing up’ art with famous buildings.

‘Artistect’ is a series of 25 illustrations which combine celebrated paintings with well-known architecture, highlighting similar styles or creative approaches, such as Tadao Ando’s structures in a Giorgio de Chirico picture.

Babina said of his work: “these images are a metaphor for an imagined and imaginary dialogue between creative minds.”

Take a look at the whole series here and let us know your favourite pictures.

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