Friday Five: Unique hotel designs

It’s one thing travelling and seeing incredible sights, but why not explore the world while sleeping in the most unique hotels? Here are a few of our suggestions:

1. Kenyan Manor Hotel

What better way to visit Kenya than to sleep in a hotel where you breakfast with your family and a very tall animal friend? Dining with giraffes is a key selling point of the Kenyan Manor Hotel.

2. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Sleep under the Northern Lights and live a luxurious life in Lapland; a perfect choice for the winter months. 

3. A vintage 1965 Boeing 727

Not many people can say they have slept in a fully refurbished grounded aeroplane in Costa Verde – a colourful option if you’re exploring the Americas.

4. No Man’s Fort

A fan of solitude? The No Man’s Fort hotel is off the Isle of Wight, so it certainly offers an interesting choice close to home. And yes, it really is a fort.

5. Magic Mountain Lodge

Become enchanted with a hotel in the heart of Patagonia. The Magic Mountain Lodge, known as the ‘Hobbit hotel’, comes complete with an incredible waterfall.

Tell us what unique hotels you would like to experience or have visited; got an idea for our Friday Five series? Tweet us @thinktanklondon.

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The Hive-Inn – a ‘Jenga-like’ hotel

An architecture firm has developed the Hive-Inn hotel, which uses the principle of Jenga.

The design, which is by OVA Studio, uses recycled shipping containers stacked in a metal frame.

The containers can be shifted according to the hotel’s requirements, which is made easy by the grid-like structure, and could even be sponsored by brands.

The design was entered for the Radical Innovation Award, which has been searching for creative hospitality solutions since 2007.

Find out more about the Hive-Inn here.

The most interesting hotels in the world

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep underwater? Or maybe to stay in a hotel on stilts? Dezeen has compiled a list of the ten most interesting hotels in the world.

Each hotel offers a completely unique experience to its guests.

‘The Bird’s Nest’ by Inredningsgruppen, which has a retractable staircase and uses the surrounding trees for support, is part of the Tree Hotel in Sweden. Letting its guests get close to nature, ‘The Bird’s Nest’ can accommodate a family of four and uses a network of tree branches for its façade.

Another hotel on the list is Canada’s Fogo Island Inn, a minimalist building constructed on stilts, which reduces the hotel’s impact on the landscape.

Take a look at the whole list here and tell us your favourites.

ME Hotel has Theatreland glamour at it’s heart

ME HotelME HotelME HotelFoster + Partners has designed their first flagship hotel, where everything from the shell to the interiors has been designed by the practice. 

The ME Hotel, which opened earlier this year, is a brand new luxury hotel built occupying a triangular site in the Aldwych Crescent area of London.  The 157-bed hotel seamlessly integrates with the restoration of the adjacent 1904 Marconi House, whose interior has been completely restructured to provide 87 apartments.  

Clad in Portland stone, the hotel was built to the same height and scale as its neighbour, and despite having a modern feel, is still in keeping with the surrounding area. An elliptical tower on the corner of the building, which defines the end point for the Aldwych Crescent, is topped by a glass cupola – a contemporary reinterpretation of the Edwardian-style domed roof across the street. The glass cupola houses the penthouse suite for the hotel, with an impressive 360-degree panorama of the city, including views of the river.  

Guests arriving at the hotel pass through a ground floor lounge with accompanying public restaurants and bar before ascending to a dedicated hotel lobby with a champagne bar on the first floor, all housed within a nine-storey high pyramidal space, encased entirely in white marble.  

On the tenth floor is the hotel’s rooftop terraces, which are an urban oasis, with the Radio Rooftop Bar offering views of the river and Westminster skyline. The 5-star hotel also boasts versatile conference suites, a gym and a luxury 25-seat screening room.

Find out more on the project page.

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