Breathing some fresh air into TV

Channel 4 are taking on a new lease of life as they put a breath of fresh air into, well outside of, their offices. Hannah Gourlay’s iconic new scultpture was inspired by yoga paced breathing exercises with the intention of creating ‘a brief moment of calm for passers-by and Channel 4 staff, a moment to pause for relaxation, reflection and renewal.’

Gourlay and FreeState collaborated with structural engineers Atelier One and Architen Landrell, a tensile architecture specialist to create the installation. Each section of the Big 4 has been wrapped in a fabric from Dartex Coatings Ltd, which is more commonly used for NHS bed mattresses but chosen here for its ability to stretch sufficiently and then revert to its natural shape. The creative review highlights more of these technical details.

At night, the 4 will be lit from within to give a golden glow in colours reminiscent of those used in the first idents created by Martin Lambie – Nairn.

The Big 4.jpg

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