70’s style beer adverts for a soft drink?

Dr Pepper tenThe new ads for Dr Pepper Ten look more like a beer commercial from the 70’s, featuring a rugged woodsman living off the land and at one with the animals.

In reality it’s a comical remake to advertise a low-calorie version of the popular drink. Continuing on from their previous strap-line of ‘it’s not for women‘ (very similar to the UK’s Yorkie slogan) they introduce a character who can only be described as a ‘man’s man’ in a series of ads by agency Deutsch.

Funny and part of a current trend hitting the U.S to make ads that mimic the style of old ads.

Watch the series below.

Award winning ads of 2011 – the Gunn Report

The Gunn Report for 2011 has been released. This comprehensive report combines the winners’ lists from all of the world’s most important advertising award contests and establishes the annual worldwide league tables for the Advertising industry.

It seems that it was a pretty good year for the Wieden + Kennedy network…. For the first time in the Gunn Report’s history, Wiedens has won the top two places in the Most Awarded Agency category, with Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam coming top, and W+K Portland in second place.

The UK came second in the most awarded countries:

Most Awarded Countries in the World in 2011

1. USA
2. UK
3. Brazil
4. Argentina
5. Germany

For the complete list winners from the Gunn Report visit the Creative Review blog.

And, below is the most awarded TV commercial for Nike:



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