Clever multipurpose furniture

A new range of multipurpose furniture saves space with a sense of fun.

Designed by Gilles Belley, ‘ROOMS’ consists of various easy-assemble furniture systems, which inject a splash of colour and style into the smallest spaces.

The systems include ‘WALL’, ‘AREA’, and ‘BLOCK’ and can be adjusted, split in two, or even condensed for various functions – for instance, a wall partition can be transformed into a working desk.

Discover the genius of ‘ROOMS’ here and tell us if you would go modular.

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What can you find in space?

A clever infographic explores the unknown, revealing twenty strange things you can find in space.

Apart from the obvious stars and planets, space holds an astonishing variety of wonders. Solarcentre’s infographic explains what can be found in space and why, such as the LEGO figures set to reach Jupiter this year, the phenomenon of space lightning, and one man’s ashes.

Even Disney has seemingly contributed to life in space: in 2012, NASA captured a Mickey Mouse-shaped silhouette on Mercury (thought to have been created by crater impacts).

Find out what else you can find in space here.

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Old Spices introduces ‘Legendary Man’

Old Spice has added a new character to its advertising mix: ‘Legendary Man’.

Known for its iconic ads, Old Spice has launched its new range of washes, ‘Hardest Working Collection’, with its latest short film.

Using the tagline ‘Legendary Protection for Legendary Men’, the ad sees a man achieving the impossible: playing tennis while blindfolded – and riding a whale.

See what it takes to be a ‘Legendary Man’ below and let us know what you think of the ad.

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Wave City Coffee Table

A European designer has created a mind-bending coffee table that really would be a talking point in your living room.

Stelio Mousarris’ Wave City Coffee Table, which is inspired by Inception, takes the form of a striking cityscape curving into a wave.

The intricate design has been crafted from steel and unpainted wood, contrasting simple textures and colours with astonishing attention to detail.

Take a look at this fantastic furniture here and tell us what other products could take inspiration from the famous film.

Wave City Coffee Table 12.01.15.jpg

How fast are you travelling through space?

Right at this very instant, you are hurtling through space faster than you could possibly imagine.

BBC Earth’s ‘Since You’ve Been Watching’ film explains the science behind how fast we are actually travelling through the solar system – even if you’re sat at a desk or on a train.

For instance, did you know that right now the Earth is moving around the Sun at around 66,487 miles per hour?  This is the equivalent to driving around the equator two and a half times in just sixty minutes.

The one minute long film also reveals that in the space of a minute, we all cover the same distance as the diameter of the planet.

Discover the documentary here and let us know what you think of the mindboggling science behind space.

Space time 07.12.15.png

A vending machine for cars

We’ve all dropped a coin into a vending machine for a drink or snack…but what about for a car?

Online car seller Carvana has brought the future to car sales with the ‘world’s first fully-automated, coin-operated car vending machine’.

Carvana’s customers in Nashville, Tennesee can purchase a car with one special coin, which will activate a hydraulic lift delivering their chosen vehicle. 

As the fun ad states, unfortunately you can’t shake the machine in hope of getting a car for free.

Watch the video below to find out how this innovative idea has become a reality and let us know what you think of it – is it a fad or the future?

Carvana 25.11.15.png

The best life lessons from fictional characters

AAA State of Play has created an adorable infographic that showcases some wise words from some of our favourite fictional characters.

The chart analyses 32 much-loved figures, revealing the key lessons they impart that can influence our day to day lives. 

The characters include old classics such as K-9 from Doctor Who (‘kindness can create positive ripples that spread through time and space’) and more up-to-date characters like Dug in Up (‘an open heart will earn you joy, companionship and ice cream’).

Take a look at all the characters here and tell us which life lessons you can relate to.

32 cartoons 25.11.15.png

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