Twitter’s brand enthusiast gallery

Twitter is apparently developing a new product for advertisers, called the ‘brand enthusiast gallery’.

The new feature would incorporate consumers’ tweets into brand campaigns by letting marketers find relevant content; Twitter would then DM users to get permission.

While the brand enthusiast gallery hasn’t been confirmed by Twitter, The Drum has noted the social network’s shift towards facilitating brand-consumer relationships with the Promoted Tweets and Conversational Ads offerings.

Read more about the brand enthusiast gallery here and tell us if you’d find the function useful.

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Friday Five: vintage print ads

Advertising has been a part of our daily lives for longer than you might think – here’s our pick of some of the most iconic vintage print advertising: 

1. Coca Cola (1960s)

‘Things go better with Coke’ is one of the brand’s most recognisable campaigns, as epitomised with this punny female-targeted ad.

2. Volkswagen Lemon (1960s)

Even praised by Mad Men’s Don Draper, the Volkswagen ‘Lemon’ and ‘think small’ ads are timeless classics, still noted today for their surreal simplicity 

3. Chanel (1921)

The original hand-drawn ad for Mademoiselle Chanel’s first (and most popular) fragrance, Chanel No5, which brought class and sophistication to the brand.

4. Covent Garden by Tube (1987)

Elizabeth Baranov’s Art Deco-inspired TfL poster is just one of a long line of colourful, impactful public information posters (Tom Eckersley’s collection contains some great examples). 

5. Cadbury

This may not be one of the first Cadbury ads that springs to mind but this (very) vintage ad is certainly…interesting.

Tell us which vintage ads you love; got an idea for our Friday Five series? Tweet us @thinktanklondon.

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Friday Five: Retro TV ads

The first Friday Five of the New Year and we’re looking back to some of the best TV ads of all time. From polystyrene robots to drumming gorillas, British viewers have been treated to some iconic campaigns since ‘the box’ became a household staple in the 1950s.

1. Smash (1974)

The cheeky Smash aliens brought instant mashed potato into Britain’s consciousness, and although they are very low-tech, they stand up pretty well after forty years.

2. OXO (1983-1999)

The OXO family, led by Lynda Bellingham, kept us entertained for an incredible sixteen years, connecting with ordinary families around the country.

3. Cadbury Dairy Milk – Gorilla (2007)

Incredibly, this ad is now nine years old. One of Dairy Milk’s most iconic ads, a gorilla took on the drum solo of Phil Collins’ ‘In The Air Tonight’ and quickly went down in advertising history.

4. Hovis (1973)

Every few years, Hovis revisits this timeless concept, reigniting our nostalgia all over again.

5. Apple Mac (1984)

This Ridley Scott-directed spot was aired at the Super Bowl in America, but as a game-changing ad which revealed the true possibilities of advertising, it was aired on news channels around the world.

This is just our pick of vintage ads – let us know your favourites. Got an idea for our Friday Five series? Tweet us @thinktanklondon.

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How to create engaging content

A new infographic by AOL Insights reveals how and why audiences engage with marketing content, with some interesting findings.

Analysing over 7000 interactions, the infographic takes a look at reasons why we engage with content, including inspiration and comfort, along with the leading topics, such as food and sports, within these segments.

The infographic is completed with some useful demographic insights – great knowledge to keep in mind when producing content.

Take a look at the infographic here and tell us what you think of it.

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A great night at the B2B Awards

We were pleased to organise and sponsor the B2B Marketing Awards once again, and the night was a great success.

The Awards took place last night and recognised some of the best marketing teams and agencies in the industry.

Held at the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) in central London, guests were immersed in a world of B movies, complete with aliens, zombies, and even paparazzi waiting to greet them on the red carpet.

The atmosphere was completed with a delicious three-course meal and Victorian-style jars of flying saucer sweets on each table, before host and comedian Katherine Ryan took to the stage.

Katherine entertained the audience with a standup set, before compering the awards ceremony itself, which saw over fifty trophies handed out.

We were proud to work closely with B2B Marketing for the ninth year running and we hope everyone enjoyed the evening.

Read more about our work for the Awards here.


Emojis: the future of marketing?

Marketers and comms professionals are always looking out for the next big trend, but are emojis here to stay?

A recent study by Emogi asked viewers to give their opinion on adverts by using just emojis, revealing that the pictorial language gave people a more nuanced way of expressing their feelings than words alone.

Some other interesting findings include how different demographic groups use emojis: nearly two thirds of people aged 35+ use emojis frequently, while almost 60% of women are emoji fans – all stats to help marketers create relevant, targeted campaigns.

Read more of the research here and tell us if you think emojis are the future of marketing,

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