The world’s oldest brands

An interesting infographic explores the secrets behind the success of the oldest and most well-known brands in the world.

Unum’s clever chart delves into a variety of brands, such as Colgate and Barclays, revealing how they have survived and evolved over decades or even centuries.

For example, Twining’s, which was established in 1706 and even weathered tea rationing during World War II, puts its success down to ‘quality control’.

The overarching theme of these brands’ success seems to be one of trust and community, building consumer relationships that last..

Take a look at the infographic here and tell us what other brands you would include.

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Cadbury’s advent calendar truck

Cadbury have created a ‘remarkable advent calendar’, touring the UK with 24 branded trucks that recreate the countdown to Christmas.

If you’re lucky enough to have seen one already, the chocolate brand’s trucks have been visiting different towns and cities throughout December, bringing sweet treats to locals.

With the help of social media, the location of each day’s truck is announced a few hours before its arrival, helping to build excitement.

Watch the video below for more and keep an eye out in your area…

Cadburys trucks 14.12.15.png

The ad where a child drove a lorry…

Volvo’s new ad sees an innocent little girl test drive their new FMX truck.

Sophie Brown, who is four years old, was invited to drive the industrial sized lorry – by remote-control, of course.

Volvo’s new FMX is said to be the toughest truck they have built yet, so why not challenge that by letting a child drive it around an obstacle course?

Looking like she’s having the best time of her life, Sophie drives the trunk through water, into buildings, and even down the side of a hill.

Watch the ad below and see if the truck survives Sophie’s test.

Volvo ad 11.12.15.png

Friday Five: Best Christmas ads of all time

Friday Five: Best Christmas ads of all time As everyone gets into the festive spirit, Christmas is the perfect time for brands to create memorable ads.

Here are our all-time favourite Christmas ads – and it’s a nostalgia fest:

1. Coca-Cola: Holidays are coming (1995) – As it’s the ad’s 20th anniversary, it’s only right to showcase the spot that lets everyone around the world know that Christmas is coming.

2. Yellow Pages: Mistletoe (1992) – This sentimental classic is famous for its adorable child characters, capturing the innocence of the festive season.

3. John Lewis: Snowpeople in love (2012) – Since 2007, John Lewis has taken the UK by storm with its annual Christmas ads. This heart-warming journey of a snowman in love saw John Lewis reap record profits.

4. Sainsbury’s: Christmas is for sharing (2014) – An emotional (and controversial) ad which became a talking point last Christmas.

5. Toys R Us – Magical place (1989) – With a classic jingle, this old-school ad is still very much in the hearts of Eighties and Nineties kids everywhere.

Tell us which Christmas ad is your all-time favourite – or what else should appear on our list?

Got an idea for our Friday Five series? Tweet us @thinktanklondon.

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Funny ads with memorable messages

As we covered on yesterday’s #giftface blog, humour can be one of the most effective devices an advertising campaign can use.

Canva Design School has found some of the funniest ads from across the world, taking in cheeky packaging to ‘look twice’ print ads. Here are some of our favourites:

Pubfinder transformed two glasses of Guinness into a pair of binoculars, seamlessly conveying its brand proposition through an eye-catching, clever piece of design.

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel (proud to call itself the worst hotel in the world) embraced its reputation with some retro-themed, colourful posters, declaring snappy lines such as ‘Now: free key with your room’.

And Play-Doh, which presented one of its pots with a ‘Included’ badge…which listed everything from a tyrannosaurus to a robot to a tea set to a jet plane to anything else a child’s imagination can conjure.

Take a look at the full collection here and let us know your favourites.

Funny ads 17.11.15.jpg

Packaging gets personal

Marketing relies on creating a deep connection with its target audience, and now brands are taking this one step further by personalising their packaging.

It’s believed that millennials in particular appreciate the personal touch, while research from Siegel+Gale shows that personalised products ‘make people feel like the brand is more about them than about the brand’.

One big personalisation success story is Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, which launched their named coke bottles in stores and saw personalised ads on 4OD – this led to a 2.5% sale increase and 1.14 billion impressions across social media.

Read more about the trend here and let us know if you’ve come across any interesting personalised packaging.

personalised packaging 09.10.15.png

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