The Think Tank wins B2B Award

The Think Tank is proud to announce that we have won an award at the B2B Marketing Awards 2015!

We received Runner Up in the ‘Best Limited-Budget Campaign’ category for our work with Amadeus UK.

Our integrated campaign for Amadeus, one of the travel industry’s leading IT solutions providers, encouraged ticketing experts to discover their inner superhero through an interactive parallax microsite, which also incentivised data capture, supported by e-shots and direct mail.

We are very pleased to be recognised by one of the most prestigious awards in the marketing industry ‒ congratulations to all those who were shortlisted.

Find out more about our ‘Discover the superhero in you’ campaign here.

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LinkedIn launches new advertising products for B2B brands

Linkedin new productsLinkedIn has revealed a new range of advertising products for B2B and ‘high-consideration’ brands. 

The products are dedicated to helping brands reach sales leads and include LinkedIn Lead Accelerator, LinkedIn Network Display, and Sponsored InMail.

Big companies such as Lenovo, Salesforce, and Samsung have already tested the products, citing a positive impact.

Senior director of LinkedIn, Josh Graff, commented: “by combining Bizo’s technology and nurturing capabilities with LinkedIn’s professional targeting expertise, we’re redefining B2B and high-consideration marketing”.

Find out more about the range here and let us know what you think about it.

B2B marketing predictions for 2015

B2B marketing predictionsB2B Marketing has crowd-sourced ideas on how business-to-business marketing will evolve during 2015.

Key themes include the rise of ‘human-to-human’, which involves creating high-quality, truly targeted content ‘based on their user’s interests and needs, not their own’ (as tweeted by @RRHoward89).

Other talked-about topics include fully integrating digital into marketing, rather than treating them as separate entities, and the continuing importance of mobile.

Find out more insights into how business-to-business marketing could change this year here and tell us your own ideas.

The Think Tank wins global brief from Asendia

AsendiaAsendia, the La Poste and Swiss Post joint venture which launched in 2012, has awarded The Think Tank the brief to plan and execute a series of campaigns for 2014, which include creative, production, digital outreach, and public and media relations.

Based around Asendia’s brand theme ‘The world is your address’, we will roll out campaigns targeting customers and potential customers of the company’s cross-border delivery solutions. The campaigns will be delivered in a number of countries around the world and will feature multiple language elements.

For 2014, work will kick off with a campaign directed at how Asendia can enable the growing opportunities for eCommerce business across borders. This will be followed by a focus on the company’s new global offering, a comprehensive range of international mailing and shipping solutions for business, direct marketing, internet retailing and publishing.

Campaign elements will comprise owned, earned and paid for media, with a focus on an integrated approach. Elements of the campaigns will also focus on employee communications.

The brief was won in a competitive three-way pitch at the end of 2013, with the first campaign due to go live in April 2014. A pilot project for internal communications was completed in December.

Asendia Head of Communication, Domenico Pereira said: “We selected The Think Tank because they combined a creative approach with a holistic view of our brief; we felt that they understood our challenges and would work effectively with the in-house team we have in place in Berne and Paris.”

The account will be led by our Directors Liam Bateman, Samantha Dawe and Shaun Madle.

B2B social media in 2014

Social MediaB2B Marketing has unveiled a new study and infographic detailing the social media landscape in 2014.

The infographic reveals the social media behaviour of B2B companies and which best social networks are best for communicating the organisations’ messages.

LinkedIn and Twitter are the most popular platforms for B2B organisations, citing them as the best channels to boost brand awareness.

Other statistics, such as key challenges for B2B companies and what type of content performs the best, are also included in the infographic.

Take a look at the infographic here or download a summary of the report.

Top tips for writing a good call to action

A good call to action can make or break any form of marketing communication.

Whether you want to drive enquiries or encourage downloads of your latest Whitepaper, a good call to action can make all the difference in helping you propel customers or readers to where you want them to go online.

Here are a few top tips for writing a call to action that makes its mark:

1. Use clear and concise language – this will give readers a fast and obvious understanding of what your call to action is for.

2. Consider placement and position. A call to action on a website will often be located towards the top of the page – this is because it will have a high level of exposure here. However, where you place your call to action can still depend on the type of webpage you are building, so it’s important to look around at other websites targeting the same audience to see what works well.

3. Making your call to action feel more personal can significantly affect its success. It is critical to understand the audience you want to engage with: you can do this by first researching terms that resonate and the best tone to use. 

To find out more about writing a great call to action, take a look at B2B Marketing‘s article about common mistakes to avoid here.

Top tips for writing a good call to action

A good call to action can make or break any form of marketing communication. A good call to action will be able to propel customers or readers to just the conclusion you want, be that driving up leads or just to simply download your latest Whitepaper. Here are a few top tips for writing great call to actions:

The first tip would be the usage of very clear and concise language – this will be readers a fast and obvious understanding of what they are clicking onto.

Another essential tip to consider is the placement of your call to action. This will depend upon factors like the goals of your page and the complexity of its information. For example, lead generation or ecommerce are generally displayed at the top of a page, but the important thing is to research and ensure you have a thorough understanding of the goals you want to achieve from your call to action.

The right level of personalisation can significantly affect the success of your call to action. The critical thing is to understand your audience and appreciate the level of personalisation that resonates with them.

To find out more about writing great call to actions take a look at B2B Marketing‘s look at common mistakes made in call to actions here.

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