Clever multipurpose furniture

A new range of multipurpose furniture saves space with a sense of fun.

Designed by Gilles Belley, ‘ROOMS’ consists of various easy-assemble furniture systems, which inject a splash of colour and style into the smallest spaces.

The systems include ‘WALL’, ‘AREA’, and ‘BLOCK’ and can be adjusted, split in two, or even condensed for various functions – for instance, a wall partition can be transformed into a working desk.

Discover the genius of ‘ROOMS’ here and tell us if you would go modular.

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Watch butterflies flutter and birds flap their wings with some mesmerising machine-operated flipbooks.

Artist Juan Fontanive’s ‘Ornithology’ collections are currently on show in New York’s Danese/Corey Art Gallery.

The beautifully detailed illustrations, which are printed on Bristol paper, are built into a motorised device.

Showcasing an incredible combination of striking colours and a stainless steel frame, the ‘Ornithology’ series seamlessly creates a story when played together.

Watch the animated flipbook below and let us know what you think of the stunning work.

Bird flipbook 26.01.16.png

Breathtaking photos of polar wildlife

Striking new images by Kyriakos Kaziras capture some of the wintry magic of the North and South Poles.

The photographer’s ‘White Dream Arctic’ and ‘White Dream Antarctic’ projects include candid shots of penguins and polar bears in their natural habitats.

Through a series of expeditions, Kaziras has revealed the unique personalities of the animals he has photographed, creating heartwarming and often hilarious pictures.

Take a closer look at the stunning photography here and tell us which image is your favourite.

Arctic images 22.01.16.png

‘Living moments’ captured as GIFs

What better way to showcase beautiful photography but by presenting each image as a living moment?

Photographers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg specialise in producing high end cinemagraphs, which are still photographs that contain subtle aspects of motion.

Their mesmerising work of everyday situations includes a cookie dripping milk into a glass and a flickering fire; you’ll find it hard to tear your eyes from the slow repetition of movement each GIF contains.

Take a look at the intriguing collection here and let us know what you think.

Cinemagraph 20.01.16.png

Street Mobiles

One artist is spreading creative inspiration with his handmade graffiti-style mobiles. 

Stephane Koyama-Meyer (aka Traz) combines well-known quotes with delicately crafted reclaimed materials for his Street Mobiles project, using specific textures and colours to portray the sense of each word.

The sayings are taken from poets, philosophers, and even hip-hop artists, which Traz is hoping will add a little positivity to everyone’s lives.

Take a look at Traz’s stunning work here and tell us if you’d like to see some around your town.

Hanging graffiti 18.01.16.png

David Bowie and Design

Whilst he will always be remembered for his musicianship, David Bowie was a pioneer and icon in design.

From his incredible stage personae (including Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, and the Thin White Duke) to his album covers and stage sets, David Bowie influenced the worlds of art, music, and fashion for nearly fifty years.

Dezeen has put together a list of some of Bowie’s best design moments and these are our favourites:

Diamond Dogs Tour stage set
An Art Deco-style metropolis, monochrome with paint splashes of colour, provided a versatile and atmospheric set for Bowie’s 1974 live tour.

Union Jack Coat by Alexander McQueen
Heralding the era of Cool Britannia, this coat became one of the artist’s most iconic looks in the late 1990s.

Ziggy Stardust sun makeup
While Aladdin Sane might be more instantly recognisable, it was Ziggy’s shimmering makeup and androgynous style that cemented Bowie’s reputation.

Discover the rest of Dezeen’s picks here and let us know what you would include.

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Lumiere London

It’s almost time to visit London’s biggest ever light festival – Lumiere. 

From King’s Cross to Mayfair, the famous (and free) festival will take over the capital for the first time, taking centre stage from 14th to 17th January.

Central London will be lit up each evening, with iconic buildings being transformed into mesmerising installations with floating fish, neon dogs, and 3D projected elephants.

Produced by Artichoke, Lumiere has previously dazzled Durham and Derry.

Read more about the unmissable festival here and tell us if you’ll be visiting.

Lumiere London V2 07.01.16.png

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