How fast are you travelling through space?

Right at this very instant, you are hurtling through space faster than you could possibly imagine.

BBC Earth’s ‘Since You’ve Been Watching’ film explains the science behind how fast we are actually travelling through the solar system – even if you’re sat at a desk or on a train.

For instance, did you know that right now the Earth is moving around the Sun at around 66,487 miles per hour?  This is the equivalent to driving around the equator two and a half times in just sixty minutes.

The one minute long film also reveals that in the space of a minute, we all cover the same distance as the diameter of the planet.

Discover the documentary here and let us know what you think of the mindboggling science behind space.

Space time 07.12.15.png

Film is Fragile

Film is fragile, according to the BFI’s new supercut of some iconic British films.

Highlighting the importance of the BFI’s restoration efforts, ‘Film is Fragile’ is a montage of some of the best-known scenes in cinema, depicting characters escaping from something just off the edge of the screen…

28 Days Later, A Clockwork Orange, and the Worlds End are just three of the films included in the short, which takes in all eras and genres, in black and white and in glorious colour.

As AdWeek says, ‘for movies that have been damaged or have begun to disintegrate, it’s critical to act before the action they contain fades to black forever’.

Watch ‘Film is Fragile’ below and let us know what you think of it.

BFI 29.10.15.jpg

The Hero’s Journey

‘The Hero’s Journey’ is a fun animation depicting one of the most common plots in literature – using some iconic film heroes along the way.

The short film, created by Iskander Krayenbosch, is a simple but effective retelling of the Monomyth, or ‘hero’s journey’, which most stories tend to stick to.

The video uses characters from Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Batman, and more to demonstrate each of the twelve stages, which include the call to adventure, the supreme ordeal, and resurrection.

Watch The Hero’s Journey below and tell us which other films are good representations of the Monomyth.

Hero's journey 09.10.15.jpg

A video game inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel

A group of American students has released a quirky new video game, based on a Wes Anderson film.

‘Maquisard’, devised by students at New York University’s Game Center, is loosely inspired by the Oscar-winning film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The game places you in the role of a lobby boy tasked with finding a secret agent; the setting is a labyrinth of hotel rooms, which are designed with Wes Anderson’s style in mind.

Download the game for free here and watch the video below to see it in action:

Wes anderson game 21.07.15.png

The Secret Life of Pets

If you’re a secret (or not so secret) Minions fan, this new film by the makers of Despicable Me is worth paying attention to.

Illumination Entertainment’s The Secret Life of Pets has just released its first trailer, giving hilarious insights into what pets really get up to when you’re not around.

From a sausage dog getting a tickle from a food mixer to a poodle in a stately home moshing to heavy metal, the trailer offers little vignettes into what our much-loved animal companions are really thinking.

The Secret Life of Pets, which stars Louis C.K and Steve Coogan among others, will be released in cinemas in Summer 2016.

Watch this delightful trailer below and tell us if you’ll be going to see it

Secret life of pets 24.06.15.png

Pigeon stars in Virgin Money’s joyful new ad

Virgin Money has released a new ad staring an unusual character – an ordinary pigeon.

The company created this little film from shots of a pigeon going about its daily business, as a tactic to differentiate themselves from other banks.

In the ad, the pigeon appears to be dancing to the song ‘Oh My Radio’ by The Selecters.

Watch this delightful ad below and let us know what you think.

Pigeon ad 10.04.15.JPG

Chicken goes truly free range in new Reebok ad

#LiveFreeRangeReebok’s new online film follows a chicken’s journey towards a healthier lifestyle when she takes a novel approach to living ‘free range’.

The film shows the chicken breaking free from her barn and making her way through fields, tunnels, and even across a road, getting plenty of exercise on the way.

When faced with a billboard for a ‘global fitness barn’, she turns away and continues running through her natural surroundings.

The ad has been launched just as many people struggle with New Year Resolutions and is designed to inspire them to take a ‘free range’ attitude to their exercise regimes.

See the chicken go free range below and tell us if Reebok has inspired you to stick with your fitness goals.

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