Brilliant billboards

Due to their scale and location, many billboards are hard to miss, often catching the eye of thousands of passers-by every day.

But what makes a billboard ad truly memorable?

Creative Bloq has selected 35 advertising campaigns that showcase some of the great, innovative ways billboards can win your attention, from interacting with the public to bold animations.

The varied list includes IBM’s billboard benches and rain shelters, British Airways’ real-time ad encouraging children to look up at the sky, and BBC World showing both sides of the story on a corner billboard.

Have a look at the list here and tell us what you think is the best billboard – or let us know if you have your own suggestions.

Billboards 19.08.15.png

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One Response to Brilliant billboards

  1. That’s a great example of using outdoor media. It’s fits so well with the creative.

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