Derelict petrol station becomes pop art

An abandoned petrol station in Ireland has been transformed into a vibrant urban art installation, as part of a wider community project.

Maser’s ‘No. 27 – A Nod to Ed Ruscha’ is part of the ‘Draw Out – Urban Exhibitionists’ project, which identifies derelict sites in Limerick and matches them to street artists who can turn them into creative installations.

The artist said: ‘My work often boldly juxtaposes old and new, past and present in the architectural elements, the visual grammar and choice of pallet. I hope to create work that surprises people.’

‘No. 27’ uses bright colours and bold stripes to create patterns on the petrol station, rendering it completely unrecognisable. Maser’s inspiration, Ed Ruscha, is an American pop artist and photographer known for his use of strong contrasts and gas stations in his pictures.

Take a look at more ‘No. 27’ pictures here and tell us if you think there should be more art installations on our streets.

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