Climbing the walls with Design

Dalston HouseHave you ever wanted to clamber up the side of a building like a Spiderman? Or abseil down but haven’t had the courage? Now Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich has made your superhero dreams come true by designing Dalston House, a public installation work, featuring the façade of a late nineteenth-century Victorian terraced house in Dalston.

Leandro Erlich is renowned for his captivating three dimensional visual illusions and the artist is interested in the interactions that occur within functional spaces. A mirrored wall at a 45-degree angle is designed to create a fiction from the ordinary. His Dalston House is a brilliant art installation and cultural oddity that has to be experienced to be believed.

Dalston House is installed on a disused lot at 1-7 Ashwin Street that has largely remained vacant since being bombed in the Second World War. It is open to the public until 4th August and it is part of both the London Festival of Architecture and Beyond Barbican – an exciting programme of events taking place outside the walls of the arts centre that includes pop-ups, commissions and collaborations across East London.

Get real time updates from Dalston House by following it on Twitter @dalstonhouse and after your visit post your picture with #dalstonhouse.

Watch the video below and get ready to do your own tricks on the walls.

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