Fancy a free range loaf?

Abbots village bakeryabbotts village bakeryAustralian bread company Abbott’s Village Bakery has released a new TV advert that is a bit on the unusual side. The advert sounds like it should be for lamb or some other meat product, not bread, Quite frighteningly it  shows giant loaves frolicking in fields and being fed grain.

It is all very surreal, the voice over stating “It may seem a little strange to some, but for us free range is the only way to raise bread,”

Even on their Facebook page they state, “We like to shower our loaves with love, let them roam free and grow up in their own unique little way. It’s what makes every loaf special.”

It would seem that they want to come across as a speciality or artisan style baker, producing ‘farmhouse’ style breads, all the while taking time and care to produce a better tasting product, even if it does bleat at you and jump around the room!

Take a look at the advert below.

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