Tree roots emerge from ceiling

Guiseppe 1Giuseppe 2Giuseppe 3Giuseppe Licari, a Rotterdam-based Sicilian artist, has transformed a gallery space into an underground lair. His latest work is a network of tree roots hanging from the ceiling, resembling organic chandeliers, titled ‘humus’, which refers to the soil layer that is essential for trees and plants to grow.

The work gives that feeling of entering a world below ground, where you get an exclusive peak at a hidden sanctum, a space which normally gives life and stability to trees in a park or forest.

The central theme for his work is the relationship between humankind and nature, and growth and decay, as seen by the dead tree roots being displayed for inspection, along with the condition of the soil they grew in within their urban environment.

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One Response to Tree roots emerge from ceiling

  1. it looked surreal but natural as well. imagine seeing lots of this install on a wide space and it will looked really amazing. The world in the undergrowth.

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