Interview: Clet Abraham

British born Frenchman Clet Abraham is a plastic artistic who is transforming the traffic signs across the world with a political, religious and philosophic understanding. Flo’N the GO found out some more about Abraham and his work – to read the full interview click here.

When did you begin to do this kind of art?

  One year ago. I was crossing the city driving my car and started to think how stupid and primitive were the traffic signs that were ruling me. They told us: you can’t go there, you must turn left or right and nothing more. I decided to give them another meaning, a reading grade  was what they lacked. 

Where around the world is your work visable today?

Florence, Torino, London and Valencia. Next year, I expect to work in more European countries.

What was the first sign you ‘adapted’?

  The Jesus Christ, but it was stolen from the Piazza Michelangelo and I did the other about Virgin Mary and Maria Madalena.

Where do you draw your influences from?

I was influenced by Classicism and Surrealism. Maybe the artist that most influenced me was Pieter Buegel. Besides he didn’t have a perfect manual capacity, his work told something to people.

What is your opinion on urban art?

I think that general rules are wrong, we shouldn’t say that all is forbidden but that some things are and others not. Urban art always there was and always there will be. Also the David sculpture, of Michelangelo, is urban art.

To read the full article visit Flo’N the Go.

Clet Abraham.jpg

Clet Abraham 2.jpg

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