Cycling Under The Sea

Cycling under the seaChris Froome has become the first person to cycle through the Eurotunnel, an achievement filmed by car manufacturer Jaguar.

The Tour de France champion cycled through the service tunnel in just 55 minutes, reaching speeds of up to 65km per hour.

The two minute film was released during the British stage of the Tour de France and was anticipated by Jaguar’s #KeepPushing hashtag.

Jaguar has been supplying vehicles to Britain’s Team Sky since 2010 and signed an official partnership deal this year.

Watch Chris Froome in action below and let us know what you think of the film.

Wildlife Selfies

National Geographic Collection‘There are lots of terrible animal pictures out there’ is the strapline for National Geographic’s latest advertising campaign, which imagines wild animals taking selfies.

Art Director Silvio Medeiros teamed up with photo agency Diomedia to create the quirky photographs, which include a panda in a lift, a gorilla in a bathroom and a koala posing in an antique mirror.

The campaign went viral on social media and sales of images in the National Geographic Collection have increased by 140%.

Watch the video below to find out more or take a look at more animal selfies here and tell us what you think of the campaign.

The ‘Science of Sharing’ – successful video campaigns

Super Bowl advert sharesA new report has revealed that sharing is crucial for the success of video advertising campaigns.

The ‘Science of Sharing’ report, by Unruly, examines the timing of campaigns, the use of celebrities and branding, and what emotional triggers work best with viewers.

The report looks at the shares for adverts during Super Bowl XLVIII and compared them to the figures for last year’s game.

Describing shares as ‘the global currency of social video and a measure of deep engagement’, the report also suggests the need for a ‘strong distribution strategy’ to capitalise on the sharing of content.

Find out more about the report here, or download it here and tell us what kinds of campaigns you like to share.

The best April Fools of 2014

April Fools 2014April Fools presents companies with a unique opportunity to communicate with their audiences in a more light-hearted way, and this year was no different, The Drum has compiled a list of some of the top April Fools videos of 2014.

Once again, this year did not disappoint in terms of creativity, with a number of companies jumping at the chance to create some funny content.

From square eggs, to a yeasty new soft drink from Vegemite, Malibu even pitched in with their ‘plans’ to launch the world’s first mobile tasting app which would let you taste cocktails by licking your phone screen!

But perhaps the best offering came from YouTube, who released a video claiming to be secretly behind viral trends of the past – and even showcasing what they intend to be the trends of 2014!

See YouTube’s video below, or take a look at the rest here, and let us know which is your favourite.

The Roving Typist

A writer has reinvented himself as ‘The Roving Typist’, creating short stories for anyone willing to pay.

C. D. Hermelin takes his portable ‘Royal Safari’ typewriter around the parks of New York City, setting up on a bench and advertising ‘stories while you wait’.

Passers-by just need to request a story about the subject of their choice and Hermelin will type up a unique tale there and then; afterwards, they simply pay him what they think the story is worth.

Hermelin has now branched into online requests, which can be sent to the reader by post.

Watch the video below or find out more about ‘The Roving Typist’ here.

Seven generations of the Porsche 911 ‘sing’ happy birthday

To celebrate the 50th birthday of the Porsche 911, the German automotive company created a ‘car symphony’ to sing itself happy birthday.

Featuring seven generations of the Porsche 911, the cars joined together in revving their engines to the familiar tune of ‘happy birthday’.

To coincide with this video Porsche has also released a game which allows users to use cars to play different songs.

See this stunt in the video below, and tell us what tunes you think your car could belt out.

Ground-breaking stunt in Milan

Europ Assistance Italia, an Italian insurance company launched this ambitious marketing stunt in Milan by installing a submarine into the surface of the streets – making it appear like it had risen from below!

A group of actors even emerged from within the submarine to meet with emergency crews at the scene.

This brilliant stunt comes from advertising agency M & C Saatchi Milano.

You can see this stunt in the video below, tell us how you would deal with a submarine popping up in your town centre.

Volvo Trucks begin ‘The Chase’

Volvo Trucks has been releasing a series of videos showing imaginative ways they ‘test’ their vehicles, this latest edition involves their FL being chased through a Spanish town by a group of raging bulls.

This daredevil stunt was created with Swedish agency Forsman and Bodenfors.

The idea of this test was to show how the Volvo Trucks’ new city distribution vehicle handles extreme conditions and pressure situations.

You can enjoy this stunt from a 360 degree camera here, or see the video below, and tell us if you would be brave enough to lead the chase.

Hilarious Poo-Pourri advert

You might think it would be difficult to advertise a toilet spray, however Poo-Pourri have done just that with this hilarious video advert.

The video features a contrast between a young and elegant actress speaking in a most ‘proper’ way, with a shockingly crude script.

The advert has been a massive success – having already had more than 10 million views on YouTube!

So it would be natural to expect this toilet spray to become a common fixture in a bathroom near you.

Take a look at the video below, and order yourself some Poo-Pourri spray here.

Charlie the hamster steers a Volvo truck!

In this death-defying stunt from Volvo Trucks Charlie the hamster is enlisted to steer a 15 ton Truck through a precarious mountain track in Spain.

The stunt highlighted the launch of Volvo Trucks’ new steering wheel technology that they claim can make even the heaviest trucks easy to manoeuvre.

Charlie was carefully selected from a long list of applicants from an extended casting procedure – where he was trained to stay focused in a noisy, unfamiliar environment.

A specially built hamster treadmill was attached to the steering wheel of the truck, meaning that whichever way Charlie ran steered the vehicle.

Take a look at the stunt in the video below, and tell us if you think any of your pets could steer your car. 

Funny video encourages businesses to go digital

Canvas has created this funny video to encourage businesses to stop ‘living in the last century’.

The cloud-based software company wants to help businesses reduce the amount of paper they use and become more digital.

To deliver this message in a light-hearted way the video invents a disease called ‘APIS’ (Acute Paper Infection Syndrome) which is blighting the success of businesses.

So to protect themselves they must switch to digital.

Watch the hilarious video below, and tell us if you know of any businesses suffering from ‘Apis’.

Rory McIlroy faces off against a robot

Rory v RobotGolf star Rory McIlroy is becoming a bit of a TV star these days with the various ads he has been appearing in. This one is one of our favourites.

The commercial is advertising the European Tour and pits the golfer from Northen Ireland against a sharp-talking chipping robot in a challange involving washing machines.

It is a little long, but has some funny moments that make it worth a watch, see it below.

How to buy and sell cars? (Autotrader in Canada) has produced a couple of great ads highlighting better ways of selling or searching for cars.

The two ads from DDB Canada, show the ridiculous lengths people could go to to buy or sell a car.

Both ads are off the wall but brought a smile to our faces. A clever and entertaining marketing approach, watch them both below.

Now you can play ‘Dumb ways to die’

dumb ways to die gamedumb ways to die gameFollowing on from the success of its ‘Dumb ways to die‘ campaign for Melbourne Metro, McCann Australia has produced an iPhone and iPad game built along the same idea.

The game, developed in collaboration with local developer Barrel Of Donkeys, has been the No. 1 free app in Australia for a week, and is charting in 79 other countries.

The concept of turning the viral advert into a game was to continue to encourage younger people to be careful around trains, and avoid dying in a dumb way, as you try to save the characters from the video from their fate.

The game is free from itunes.

New Audi ad goes where no add has gone before

audi adIn a new advert Audi has brought together two actors who have played the same character. Both Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto have played Spock in the Star Trek movies, with Nimoy portraying the character in the original series and movies and Quinto taking the reigns for the new ‘rebooted’ movies.

So it comes as no surprise that Audi is asking the question, which Spock is better? In the advert we see the two playing chess online, then a new challenge is laid down.

The commercial is comical, showcasing their latest car, but drawing on some past achievements of Nimoy with an interesting ending.

Created by the same team that produced the viral dollar shave club commercialPaulilu and agency PMK*BNC.

Watch it below.

Irn-Bru penguins invade Russia

Irn Bru AdIrn Bru AdIn an attempt to increase their market share in Russia Irn-Bru has created a new campaign involving penguins.

The campaign for the soft drink, which was released in Russia back in 1998, currently comprises of two videos.

The videos show the penguins getting up to no good in a shopping centre and underground rail station. The campaign is similar to the ‘Gets you through’ campaign currently running in the UK.

Take a look at the wacky videos below.

Renault gives speed dating a new meaning

Speed DatingIn a new video from Publicis Brussels, we see a new style of speed dating. The ad has been made to promote the new Renault Clio RS.

In the video we see a group of people attending a speed dating event, only for one guy to be left without a date, see what happens when he is taken outside to meet Caroline.

Watch the video below.

Evian’s dancing babies make a comeback

EvianEvian is back, and so are its dancing babies.

The bottled water company’s adverts have become synonymous with dancing babies since 1998, working along side their slogan of “live young”.

This new ad, created by BETC Paris, see’s adults catching their reflection and seeing themselves as a baby, a dancing baby.

Whilst this is in no way as entertaining as the previous outings for the talented tots, it has it’s moments.

Watch it and the previous ads below.

Why men need their own shampoo

Dove men+ careDove men+ careDove men+ careIt appears that in Brazil  using a woman’s shampoo can have strange side-effects, at least that’s what we gather from this ad for Dove Men+ Care made by Ogilvy & Mather Brazil.

In this humorous commercial see what happens when a work colleague uses the wrong shampoo.

Definitely an odd one but worth a worth below.


Long live paper

le treflele treflele trefleIn a clever add by French toilet paper company Le Trèfle, the fight between paper and digital reaches a pivotal point.

In the spot a married couple are depicted with the husband constantly trying to prove that his tablet is better than traditional paper, for drawing, doing sudoku and reading books. However his wife gains the upper hand at the end of the segment when the poor man is left on the loo without any paper.

Clever and funny from Leo Burnett Paris, have a watch below.


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