Seven generations of the Porsche 911 ‘sing’ happy birthday

To celebrate the 50th birthday of the Porsche 911, the German automotive company created a ‘car symphony’ to sing itself happy birthday.

Featuring seven generations of the Porsche 911, the cars joined together in revving their engines to the familiar tune of ‘happy birthday’.

To coincide with this video Porsche has also released a game which allows users to use cars to play different songs.

See this stunt in the video below, and tell us what tunes you think your car could belt out.

Ground-breaking stunt in Milan

Europ Assistance Italia, an Italian insurance company launched this ambitious marketing stunt in Milan by installing a submarine into the surface of the streets – making it appear like it had risen from below!

A group of actors even emerged from within the submarine to meet with emergency crews at the scene.

This brilliant stunt comes from advertising agency M & C Saatchi Milano.

You can see this stunt in the video below, tell us how you would deal with a submarine popping up in your town centre.

Volvo Trucks begin ‘The Chase’

Volvo Trucks has been releasing a series of videos showing imaginative ways they ‘test’ their vehicles, this latest edition involves their FL being chased through a Spanish town by a group of raging bulls.

This daredevil stunt was created with Swedish agency Forsman and Bodenfors.

The idea of this test was to show how the Volvo Trucks’ new city distribution vehicle handles extreme conditions and pressure situations.

You can enjoy this stunt from a 360 degree camera here, or see the video below, and tell us if you would be brave enough to lead the chase.

Gigantic Lottery balls float down the River Thames

To launch the new and improved National Lottery six huge lottery balls have floated down the River Thames on route to Scotland.

The theory behind the idea was that these gigantic symbolised a ‘new, bigger lotto’ that will reward 1,000 lottery players with £20,000 pounds each.

The revamped lottery will aim to fund more National Lottery projects across the UK as well as striving to allow players to win more money.

Take a look at the video below to see this in action, and tell us if this convinces you to buy a ticket.

Time to cuddle!

A giant teddy bear has arrived in Warsaw, Poland offering cuddles, hugs and a cosy place to stop by and take a load off.

Iza Rutkowska, from the Forms and Shapes Foundation, came up with the idea in response to the current statues in Warsaw – because many commemorate wartime experiences or sociopolitical issues.

Bringing a more light-hearted approach to living in Warsaw, the teddy bear travels around the city to beaches and local parks.

Soon the teddy bear named, ‘the cuddly’, will travel to other countries too.

Take a look at the project here and tell us if you spot this teddy bear!

Charlie the hamster steers a Volvo truck!

In this death-defying stunt from Volvo Trucks Charlie the hamster is enlisted to steer a 15 ton Truck through a precarious mountain track in Spain.

The stunt highlighted the launch of Volvo Trucks’ new steering wheel technology that they claim can make even the heaviest trucks easy to manoeuvre.

Charlie was carefully selected from a long list of applicants from an extended casting procedure – where he was trained to stay focused in a noisy, unfamiliar environment.

A specially built hamster treadmill was attached to the steering wheel of the truck, meaning that whichever way Charlie ran steered the vehicle.

Take a look at the stunt in the video below, and tell us if you think any of your pets could steer your car. 

President of Volvo Trucks plays the stuntman in latest advert

Volvo Trucks has gone a step further in making a popular YouTube advert – by recruiting their president Claes Nilsson as the star stuntman!

Created by Forsman & Bodenfors the video shows the president, clad in a hard hat, speaking directly to the camera about the strength of the new front towing hook on the latest Volvo construction truck.

As the camera fades away you see the president is speaking atop a truck hoisted 20 metres above the water in Gothenburg harbour.

Take a look at the video below, and tell us if you think Claes Nilsson is the bravest president around.

Coca-Cola offers fans 3D printed versions of themselves

Coca-Cola Israel has marked the launch of its new mini bottle by offering fans the opportunity to have 3D printed versions of themselves.

Selected fans were invited to the Coca-Cola factory, given a tour (with a complimentary coke), and asked to pose for the 3D camera.

Fans could then leave with these miniature versions of themselves ensuring that Coca-Cola had given them a unique experience.

Watch the advert that utilised this idea below, and tell us if you would like a 3D printed version of yourself. 

Hot Wheels builds ‘world’s highest wall track’

Children across the world dream of building the best tracks for their toy cars, toy manufacturer Hot Wheels decided to take this one step further and create the ‘world’s highest wall track’. 

The seven-story, 60-foot track was first constructed on the ground before it was hoisted and mounted on the side of a building.

The track was constructed of around 500 parts, and was built during the Spanish Grand Prix.

See this record breaking track in action in the video below, and tell us if you would like a go on it.

A free beer for standing still

AmstelAfternoons in Bulgaria were made more interesting when a vending machine that gave away free beer turned up.

This Amstel spot in Bulgaria continues the trend of vending-machine innovations by asking passers-by to stand still for three minutes if they want to be rewarded with a free beer.

The point is to offer people passing by a break to clear their mind from the busy day in the office – and to celebrate it with a cold beer.

Watch the video below to see how rewarding it might be to take a 3-minute break, then tell us if you think this is worth 3 minutes of your time.

Coffee machine dispenses free coffee to yawning public

Douwe Egberts has designed a coffee machine that dispenses free coffee to passers-by when they yawn at it.

The South African coffee giant claim they are so sure people will love their coffee once they have tried it, that they are prepared to give it away, but only to the people who need it most – tired travellers at the O.R. Tambo International Airport.

See the video below to find out how successful this machine was at registering yawns.

Heineken asks travellers to play departure roulette!

Departure RouletteHeineken has challenged travellers at JFK airport to abandon their plans and travel to a random location for an unknown period of time. 

This challenge, which they called “departure roulette”, involved travellers pushing a red button which would automatically assign a random location. 

The stunt was part of Heineken’s “Dropped” global marketing campaign where they intend to find out what men are like when they are taken out of their comfort zone, asking the question – “are legends born or made?”

Most travellers chose to decline Heineken’s offer, after all whats the point in planning a holiday if your not going to go? However a few adventurous travellers chose to accept the offer.

Find out how it went by watching the video below, and tell us if you would dare to play departure roulette? 

Blinkbox unleash giant dragon skull

Dragon Skull

Dragon Skull

In a stunt of epic proportions a giant dragon skull, the size of a London bus, has appeared on Dorset’s famed jurassic coast. This was to honour the arrival of a Game of Thrones Season 3 on streaming service Blinkbox.

Dog-walkers and fossil hunters alike were stopped in their tracks at the site of this monstrous construction. The skull was designed by Taylor Herring PR who only this month were responsible for the arrival of a giant Mr Darcy in Hyde Park. It took three sculptors over two months to construct carve and paint the skull, which measures 40 ft long and sits over 9 ft tall.

This beach stunt was inspired by a Game of Thrones scene where one of the leading characters discovers dragon skulls in the depths of the dungeons in Kings Landing. 

Tell us your thoughts on this mythical beach invasion, or you can watch this video below about how it was made, or read more about it here.

Adobe pranks bus users

Photoshop PrankMost people when standing at a bus stop may only glance at the adshell poster but would you take a second look if you were in the ad?

Adobe, showing off the use of its Photoshop software, did just that in Sweden. They took images of people waiting for a bus and pasted them into adverts being shown at the stop.

Watch the stunt and reactions on the video below.

Mobile bank introduces itself with mobile orchestra

Hello BankBNP Paribas has launched what it is claiming to be the first fully-digital mobile bank; ‘Hello Bank‘.

To commemorate the event Publicis Conseil, in collaboration with master production company B-Reel and the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, recorded a special performance of ‘Carmen’.

During a performance in Prague led by conductor Libor Pesek, the outfit’s 60 musicians put aside their instruments and picked up mobile phones and tablets.

To show how much effort went into creating the performance a behind the scenes video was also released which how the mobile devices were hooked up to 227 different interfaces, and linked together via WiFi.

Watch both the performance and behind the scenes below.

Target builds giant dolls house in station

Doll HouseThresholdIn an experiential stunt of the grandest of scales, American retailer Target built a life-size dolls house in the middle of Grand Central Station in New York.

The installation, which was created by Deutsch Los Angeles, is a showcase of their Threshold home décor line and features between 3,500 and 4,000 products, with staff on hand for demonstrations and help.

The dolls house was built in just 54 hours by fitting together interlocking 4-by-8 panels creating a 1600-square-foot open-plan house, as well as a patio and lawn area.  This space allows Target to show-off their latest lines in their entirety, which would not be possible to do in stores, and will give some great exposure with over 500,000 people visiting the station every day.

You can find out more about the installation at Ad Age here.

Budweiser lets you make friends with a clink

Buddy CupBuddy CupIt’s an age old tradition across the globe, you say “cheers” (or regional equivalent) then ‘clink’ glasses, an almost universal symbol.

Now American beer brand Budweiser in Brazil wants to make this social act, even more social, with their Buddy Cups.

The smart cups detect the contact between them and adds the other person as a friend on Facebook, this is done via a chip in the bottom of the cup and a code which you scan with your smart phone to activate it.

The cups are reportedly going to be used for events and concerts, but how far afield no one is sure.

Watch a video about the new cup below.

Drama returns; this time to Dutch Town

TNT red buttonTNT push for DramaTNT add drama bannerTNT is at it again following the launch of their TV series and movie channel in Belgium, which we featured in April of last year. TNT is launching in Netherlands this time, so once again agency Duval Guillaume has placed a red button in a quiet market street, encouraging people to press it to ‘add drama’.

Once the button is pressed, they are confronted with a choice of colours, kidnapped  and then dumped into the middle of a riot with a guest appearance by Elvis.

Definitely one to watch to beat those Monday blues.

The corner shop comes to life with Red Stripe

Red Stripe StuntRed Stripe Promotional StuntThis stunt for Red Stripeby ad agency KesselsKramer (along with Stinkdigital director Greg Brunkalla and creative technology consultancy Hirsch&Mann) popped up in a convenience store in East London.

They rigged up loads of products in a corner store to suddenly start dancing and making music whenever a customer picked up a Red Stripe from the fridge.

It a great bit of fun but knowing these types of stores well the late night crowd may get a bit freaked out!

Coke gets interactive

Coke Zero MarketingSkyfall MarketingCoke Zero has been getting interactive with the latest Bond movie. 

In a live marketing stunt at a railway station they invited Coke purchasers to take a challenge to win exclusive tickets for the latest 007 movie, Skyfall. Having to rush across the station to beat the clock Coke didn’t make it easy for them.

A fun interactive marketing stunt that has gone viral with more than 2 million views.

See the video below:


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