Sand Packaging

Sand PackagingA design workshop has unveiled a unique packaging made of sand.

Barcelona-based workshop Alien and Monkey binds sand together with other naturally-occurring minerals, which, when compacted, dries solid.

The hollow ‘sand boxes’ can be broken open, and when the sand crumbles away, its package is revealed.

Take a look at the eco-friendly packaging here and tell us what you think – would you love to receive a present packaged in sand?

Nescafé alarm cap

Nescafe alarm capNescafé has given its signature instant coffee a twist by turning the jar into an alarm clock.

The lid (or ‘alarm cap’) of the new-look jar is 3D-printed and contains the alarm clock, which emits a light and a choice of seven alarm sounds.

The user simply has to unscrew the lid to stop the alarm, helping them on their way to their first coffee of the morning.

Play the video below to find out more about the innovative new jar and tell us if coffee is crucial to the start of your day.

Layers Cloud Chair

Designer Richard Hutten has debuted his brand new chair at the Milan Furniture Fair.

‘Layers Cloud Chair’ uses 545 layers of coloured fabric, which were individually drawn, cut and manually assembled.

The chair, inspired by Arizona’s Painted Desert, has a round and soft profile with a mesmerising circular pattern.

Hutten used Kvadrat‘s Divina fabric for the chair; Kvadrat displayed the finished product in their exhibition at the fair.

Find out more about the chair here and tell us what you think of it.

Lumio: a book of light

Architect Max Gunawan has created a ‘book’ that emits light when the user opens it.

The Lumio is made from pages of Tyvek, a durable synthetic material, and contains high-performance LEDs.

The book, which has a laser-cut wooden cover, unfolds in a concertina style and can provide light for eight hours before it needs to be recharged.

The portable light can be transformed into several shapes, standing up or flat on a surface, and simply needs to be opened to turn on or shut to turn off.

Inspired by origami, the Lumio was funded through Kickstarter and is now on sale for $160.

Find out more about the Lumio here and tell us what you think of this innovative product.

Evolution of the Bicycle

Danish studio Visual Artwork has demonstrated the evolution of the bicycle in a fun one-minute video.

Evolution of the Bicycle’ uses only a few shapes to seamlessly transition through each era of the early bicycles and the perpetually spinning wheels add a quirky dynamism to the animation.

Famous bicycles such as the Penny Farthing and the ‘Boneshaker’ are depicted in the video, which uses Benny Goodman’s jazz piece ‘Flying Home’ as its soundtrack.

You can watch the animation below or find out more about the history of bicycles here.

A multipurpose staircase

A house in the Netherlands boasts an unusual staircase – as well as being semi-suspended, it offers a range of storage areas.

Objet Élevé, which has been incorporated into Just Haasnoot’s home, uses open frames to combine shelves, storage space and even a desk into the staircase, which is constructed in two main parts.

The bottom half includes the desk and stands like a conventional staircase; there is then a small gap before the suspended half, which provides shelves and handy storage areas.

Made from oak and black steel, Objet Élevé was handmade by Dutch studio Mieke Meijer.

Take a closer look at the unique construction here and tell us if you would like a multipurpose staircase in your home.

‘Mini Museum’ shares history in fragments

A collector of interesting artefacts is now giving everyone the opportunity to share his specimens, through his ‘Mini Museum’ project.

Hans Fex painstakingly breaks down ancient objects into smaller fragments, then places and labels them in resin display cases, so their new owners can enjoy tiny parts of history.

The exhibits include scraps of an Egyptian mummy’s bandage, shards of dinosaur fossil, and lumps of meteorite.

Fex has been collecting the objects for thirty-five years and his (nearly) lifelong project has finally come to fruition, with help from Kickstarter.

Find out more about ‘Mini Museum’ here or by watching the video below. Tell us if you would like your own display of extraordinary artefacts.

Birds Eye launch ‘Mashtags’ potato range

Frozen food company Birds Eye is exploiting the social media zeitgeist with its new potato shapes range, named ‘Mashtags’.

Along with classic potato smileys, ‘Mashtags’ also contains hashtags, hearts, asterisks and @ symbols.

Birds Eye used to produce potato ‘Alphabites’, which formed letters of the alphabet, and it is easy to view this new range as a modern successor to ‘Alphabites’.

Pete Johnson, senior brand manager at Birds Eye, said: “Social media is all about conversation and we’re confident Mashtags will resonate across various groups of people.”

‘Mashtags’ will be launched this March in several leading supermarkets – will you be trying these brand new potato icons?

Nichetto at Stockholm Design Week

Italian designer Luca Nichetto has debuted some innovative new products at Stockholm Design Week 2014, including his ‘Notes’.

Nichetto created a series of sound panels, entitled ‘Notes’, for furniture manufacturer Offecct.  Made from recyclable felt and other materials, the different shaped panels can be easily arranged and decorated, lending themselves to dividing space as well as absorbing sound.

Luca Nichetto’s company, Nichetto & Partners, opened in 2006 and since then he has won several awards, including the ‘Interior Innovation Award 2013’, ‘IF Product Design Award 2009’ and ‘Grandesign Award 2008’.

Stockholm Design Week has been a yearly fixture in the Swedish capital since 2002 and incorporates the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, at which Nichetto exhibited the new products.

Nichetto’s other collaborations at Stockholm Design Week included Canadian shop Mjölk, De La Espada, and One Nordic Furniture Company.

Find out more about Luca Nichetto and his work here.

A ‘yolkfish’ that separates eggs

Peleg Design has unveiled a fun, but handy, new invention: a gulping goldfish that can separate the yolk and white of an egg.

Bright orange and made of a soft rubber, the ‘yolkfish’ helps you separate an egg in a quick, clean fashion.

You simply need to squeeze the fish and hold its lips against the yolk – it will then ‘swallow’ it and hold it as you take it to another bowl, where it needs just a gentle push to release the yolk.

Take a look at the video demonstration below and tell us if the yolkfish would be a useful addition to your kitchen.

Draw an electrical circuit anywhere!

A team from London’s Royal College of Art (RCA) have designed a paint that is conducive to electricity.

This clever ‘Bare Paint‘ brings electronics to a whole new level, enabling users to quite literally draw electrical circuits wherever they choose.

The circuits are capable of powering devices such as; speakers or LED lights.

This innovation has already been utilised in the music industry, DJ Calvin Harris used this paint on the skin of his dancers to create a human synthesizer in his ‘Humanthesizer’ project.

Bare paint is already on sale here, tell us what clever things you could do with this product.

Improbability – impossible and frustrating design

GiuseppeGiuseppeArtist Giuseppe Colarusso has taken a new approach to everyday objects by making them almost impossible and very frustrating to use.  

‘Unlikely, not impossible’ comments the artist – his “Improbability” collection challenges our capability for understanding.

His clever designs include rope-handled cutlery, rectangular rolling pins, one eyed sunglasses and a sink with no plug-hole.

Take a look at the rest of the products here and tell us which you find to be the most frustrating one!

The toothpaste tube with a hole!

Ever find yourself pushing and squeezing all morning just to reach the last bit of toothpaste remaining in the tube? Well that problem just got easier with this latest product design from Dantook University.

The idea is pretty simple, you simply put your finger through the loop on the tube and swing it, this utilises centrifugal forces which forces the remaining toothpaste to the front of the tube – where it is easier to get at!

A simple solution to an age old problem, and maybe even a fun way to ingratiate children into brushing their teeth!

You can find more information about this product here – and tell us if you think this would make your mornings easier.

Biodegradable eating utensils with a twist

Chinese product designer Qiyun Deng has designed a range of fully biodegradable eating utensils called ‘Graft’.

Taking inspiration from the materials these utensils are manufactured from: a bioplastic made mainly from vegetable oils; fats or starches, each utensil is in the shape of a vegetable.

The range of utensils is fully disposable, which represents the only real problem with these lovely looking products because they might seem too nice to throw away after just one use!

Have a look at more products from this range here, and let us know if you think these would be a hit in your kitchen.

Heinz creating a noise with Beanz

Heinz BeanzHeinz BeanzHeinz BeanzWe’re sure that most of you will be familiar with the childhood rhyme that gives the adage of beans being a musical fruit, now Heinz are playing on that with some deluxe flavours.

The 5 special flavours, will be available from London’s Fortnum & Mason in a special pack which includes a themed bowl and a special spoon that will play music or sounds whilst you eat.

The spoons contain a special MP3 player with pre-recorded sounds that can only be heard whilst eating through vibrations that travel up the jaw-bone to the ear.

Each flavour has a distinct sound associated with it, be it an Elgar ditty played with a cheese wire or the sound of rustling garlic skins. 

The special edition bowls are also tailored to the unique flavours which includes, cheese, curry, barbecue, garlic and herb, and chili. 

Number One Hit Product Recall

Yolander Be Cool Press ConferenceIn this great marketing ploy Australian pop duo, Yolanda Be Cool, have announced an international product recall of their hit song “We No Speak Americano.”

Their hit “We No Speak Americano” reached No. 1 on the charts in 16 countries and remains in the charts in many places even after two and a half years.

They have decided that they need to move on, mainly to their next album. So they’ve officially declared that the beats “are no longer fresh” in “We No Speak Americano,” and they’re calling on radio stations, DJs and fans worldwide to remove the song from their playlists and destroy any hard copies of it.

See the press conference below:

New glass technique from Lasvit delivers organic flows

Lasvit Milan Design Week
On display at Milan Design Week 2012, ‘Liquidkristal’ is a new glass technique developed by British designer Ross Lovegrove in collaboration with Czech glass and crystal producers Lasvit.

Using a high precision heat transfer process to create organic-like glass panels, this innovative product has been developed for use in large-scale architectural installations. The manufacturer says ‘The system facilitates the precise forming of any mathematically describable design, and individual panels can showcase slightly ‘shifted’ versions of the model, creating the effect of an organically flowing pattern across a building or other large structure.’

This innovative production method lets designers or architects control the level of opacity of segments of glass, allowing the creation of spaces where features can be highlighted and others blended through a play of colour and light.

A very interesting development. Find out more here.

Design of the Year 2012 nominations announced

The Design Museum has announced its nominations for the Designs of the Year 2012 exhibition with a range of exciting designs that appeared in 2011. The work featured includes digital, fashion, furniture, architecture, product, graphic and transport design and is drawn from a wide variety of projects.

All the nominations will be on show at the Designs of the Year exhibtion at the Design Museum, opening to the public on 8 February 2012 and category winners and the overall winner will be announced at the Awards Night at the Design Museum on 24 April.

The Design Museum will be issuing details of each nomination daily on their blog, 

Comedy carpet.jpg


Category Winners for the Brit Insurance Design Awards 2011

The votes are in and a winner for each category of the Brit Insurance Design Awards 2011 has been officially announced today.

The winners for each category are:

Brit Insurance Architecture Award 2011: Open Air Library by KARO Architekten, Germany

Brit Insurance Fashion Award 2011: Uniqlo +J, Japan

Brit Insurance Furniture Award 2011: Branca, Industrial Facility, Italy

Brit Insurance Graphics Award 2011: Homemade is Best, Forsman & Bodenfors for Ikea

Brit Insurance Product Award 2011: Plumen 001, Hulger & Samuel Wilkinson, UK

Brit Insurance Transport Award 2011: Barclays Cycle Hire

Click here to learn more about each of these winners and for your chance to speculate who will eventually reign supreme.


Red Dot announces Product Design Awards Winners

Red Dot Design Awards announces their Product Design winners. See 20 of the 45 “Best Of Best” winners on Yanko Design – looking at creative industrial/product design at its best. Everything from furniture to fabrics to electronics to architecture to cars – beautiful design.

See more on Yanko Design and Red Dot






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