Summer snaps as silly GIFS

Summer may be coming to a slightly drizzly close, but thankfully is bringing back the fun to our holiday pictures.

The travel agency, which is known for its humorous approach to advertising, is now encouraging us to send in our snaps so they can be redesigned into animated GIFs.

This brilliant idea is part of the’s ‘Wing Everything’ campaign, which promotes spontaneous vacations.

The sample GIFs include a standard beach scene interrupted by a dolphin rainbow, a pyramid of deckchairs, and an ice cream theft.

Take part in the competition by tweeting your picture with #WingItYeah and find out more about the campaign here. GIF 27.08.15.png

A colourful basketball court hidden between Parisian houses

Hidden between rows of apartments in the streets of Paris, a striking basketball court has been revamped with a bold colour scheme.

Pigalle Duperré, a collaboration between Ill-Studio and fashion brand Pigalle, takes inspiration from the avant-garde painting ‘Sportsmen’ by Kazimir Malevich, using bright primary colours and strong geometric shapes formed from EPDM rubber.

Publicising the Pigalle Basketball Spring Summer 2015 presentation, the court is just part of an ongoing collaboration between Pigalle and Ill-Studio, an ‘art direction platform’ that has also worked with Nike, Chanel, and Adidas.

Take a closer look at Pigalle Duperré here and find out more about this interesting brand collaboration.

Colourful basketball court 18.08.15.png

Customisable Kit Kats

Kit Kat is now inviting Australian wafer lovers to create their own version of one of the world’s most iconic chocolate bars.

Celebrating its 80th anniversary, the brand is encouraging consumers to ‘take a break’ and drop by its pop-up stall in Westfield Sydney, where they can customise the Kit Kat with interesting ingredients like rose petals and roasted hazelnuts.

Visitors to the stall can also experience limited edition Kit Kats created by pastry chef Anna Polyviou – including one featuring a blend of sea salt and candy popcorn.

Tell us if you think Kit Kat should bring this idea to Britain – and how you would customise your Kit Kat.

KitKat 12.08.15.png

Which ‘Marketing Mood’ are you?

Do you have an innovative approach to the campaigns you run? Or do you think tried and tested is the way forward?

Find out which ‘Marketing Mood’ you are with Adweek’s new quiz.

Inspired by the new Pixar film ‘Inside Out’, the quiz analyses your approach to different areas of marketing and your work in general, revealing which ‘Marketing Mood’ you are.

Take the quiz here and let us know your result – are you technologically ecstatic or overwhelmingly enthusiastic?

Marketing mood 05.08.15.png

Brands that bounce back

It’s comforting to know that some of the brands we know and love have made triumphant comebacks from breaking point.

Wholesale Clearance has created an infographic that gives us a peek into the history of well-known brands and how they have bounced back from the brink.

Apple, Nintendo, and Converse are among the brands that have previously encountered every business’ worst nightmares, from bankruptcy to boardroom infighting.

Take a look at the infographic here and tell us what you think of these fascinating histories.

Crisis brands 28.07.15.png

Kellogg’s suitcase fridge surprises commuters

Kellogg’s new publicity stunt has seen its ‘breakfast team’ take over London Underground.

The breakfast team have taken ‘fridges’ onto the tube, holding everything from milk and cereal to utensils such as cutlery and bowls.

However, to unsuspecting commuters the fridge looks like a normal suitcase – until of course, it’s opened mid-journey.

This campaign is targeted at the ‘busy workers’ who are skipping breakfast all together.

A Kellogg’s spokesperson said: “With almost 1 in 3 adults missing breakfast every day, we wanted to show that even for people with the busiest lifestyles, there’s always time for a bowl of Special K cereal.”

Watch the unsuspecting communiters here and tell us what you think.


Kelloggs Breakfast 27.07.15.png

IKEA ad monkeys around

IKEA has unveiled its latest ad, featuring monkeys having fun with an IKEA METOD kitchen.

Representing the furniture brand’s ‘The Wonderful Everyday’ strapline, you can see the monkeys opening all the cupboards, playing with the food and even enjoying a little shower from the tap. 

Filmed in Costa Rica’s Jaguar Rescue Centre, the company is trying to convey the message that “cooking doesn’t need to be governed by convention or worry, it can be a joyous playground.”

Watch this light-hearted video below and tell us what you think of it.

Ikea monkeys ad 16.07.15.png


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