The ‘biggest design poster ever made’

Malmo Festival posterAn enormous poster which took 900 hours to complete is publicising the Malmö Festival in Sweden.

Described as the ‘biggest design poster ever made’, the poster by SNASK is a physical, interactive installation made of massive shapes which visitors can climb.

The colourful project, which is eight metres wide and and thirteen metres long, used 175 litres of paint, 280 plywood boards and 10,000 nails in its construction.

It celebrates the 30th Malmö Festival, which is taking place in August.

Take a closer look at the innovative poster here and tell us what you think.

Murat: the interactive comic

MuratA Czech collective has created an online comic that invites readers to interact with it.

Murat’, by Motiv, is an innovative spin on traditional graphic novels, making the most of current technology to involve readers in its storyline.

Murat looks like a typical black and white comic, but it uses audio and visual effects and is clickable throughout – one page of the comic consists of a jigsaw that readers has to construct themselves.

Watch the trailer for the comic below or read it here – tell us if you find this development in comics exciting.

3D postcards encourage Brits to ‘Get Up & Go’

Get Up & GoTravelodge took over Waterloo station with interactive picture postcards last week.

The hotel chain used 3D street art to promote its ‘Get Up & Go’ campaign, which encourages Britons to be more adventurous.

The campaign grew from Travelodge’s survey, which revealed that less than a third of Brits would do something adventurous, such as a white-knuckle sport.

Commuters and members of the public could be photographed in front of the pictures, which gave the illusion that they were abseiling down the White Cliffs of Dover or waterskiing down the River Thames.

Find out more about the campaign here and tell us if this makes you feel like trying something adventurous.

Interactive illustrations that play with perception

Putting Finger illustrationPrint media can’t be interactive – or can it? Two designers play with this assumption in a new exhibition called ‘Putting Finger’.

Masahiko Sato and Tatsuya Saito have produced a series of illustrations that encourage interaction through ‘gaps’ in the pictures.

By placing your finger in a particular place, the images appear completed, casting shadows from ‘light sources’ or ‘holding’ scissors.

The designers, who are exhibiting their work in Osaka’s DDD gallery until late April, intended people to reconnect with their physical surroundings by interacting with the illustrations.

Take a look at some of the ingenious illustrations here, and tell us if you would interact with them.

Now is what you make of it

Pepsi has taken its football advertising campaign one step further, by producing an interactive video featuring several famous figures in football and music.

Now is what you make of it’ stars top footballers, such as Lionel Messi and Jack Wilshere, and musician Janelle Monae, who interact with Stony as he wanders through the streets of Rio.

The video offers the viewer choices along the way, which are indicated by the cursor turning into a blue object, such as a football or a pen.

By clicking, you can change the course of the video to include exclusive content, like Monae singing David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ and Messi signing a football with your name on it.

Watch the interactive video here or take a look at the original advert below. What do you think of interactive advertising content?

A handy website for London property developments

The creators of the ‘New London’ app have created a website version, showcasing over 600 ongoing property developments in London.

Built by New London Architecture in association with Estates Gazette, New London Development displays the projects according to their area and colour codes them to mark their status (such as ‘under construction’).

The interactive website is ideal for anyone interested in the city’s construction industry, as it allows users to view an individual development and see its sector, such as residential, office or commercial.

Take a closer look at the map here and tell us if you’ll find this website useful.

Pedigree inspires dog owners to walk their pets!

To encourage dog owners to take their dogs on sufficiently long walks Pedigree devised a series of interesting city walks.

Using JCDecaux and Clear Channel‘s bus shelter network Pedigree were able to map out interesting city walks in the Belgian cities Ghent and Brussels.

To make these walks a bit more interesting the posters also had an interactive aspect through Facebook, enabling dog walkers the chance to win free dog food.

Take a look at how these walks were received in the video below, and tell us if this would inspire you to walk that little bit further.

Adorable campaign sends cats to your doorstep!

To celebrate National Cat Day transportation company Uber teamed up with the website I Can Has Cheezburger to deliver kittens onto doorsteps.

People who lived in New York, San Francisco and Seattle were able to participate in this event and spend some time with the kittens.

For $20 you could order a kitten to your door along with a Charm City Cake and some products from Uber.

All the proceeds from this project went to the local animal shelter.

See more of this initiative here, and tell us if a kitten would brighten up your day.

Amazon’s funniest product reviews

To mark its 15 year anniversary in the UK, Amazon has rounded up some the the funniest product reviews they have received.

Users are encouraged to vote for their personal favourites to ensure the list is as funny as can be!

A variety of products have clearly attracted the attention of witty product reviews, this list features a range of products from banana slicers to horse masks.

Take a look at the list here, and tell us which is your favourite.

‘GPS Penguins’ guide visitors to the Sunshine Aquarium

In Tokyo, the Sunshine Aquarium was having difficulty guiding its visitors from the train station. To solve this problem they had an app designed that enabled digital penguins to guide the visitors from the train station to the aquarium!

Hakuhodo Tokyo teamed up with augmented reality experts Junaio to create this app, which they called “Penguin Navi.”

The designers of this app were able to create incredibly life-like penguins using motion capture technology, the penguins even waddle along the path in the same way real penguins do.

Watch the video below to see this clever app in action, and tell us if this inspires you to visit Sunshine Aquarium.

Campaign for a shape-shifting storefront

The miLES Storefront Transformer, designed by Architecture Commons, is a versatile set of amenities and furnishings ready to transform any vacant storefront.

The Kickstarter Campaign hopes to use this to transform a vacant storefront this winter – if they can raise the funds required.

The miLES Storefront Transformer is a 6ft cube designed to “program any storefront,” when unfolded it provides functional elements such as; shelving, partitions, tables, seats, a stage, as well as infrastructure such as; WIFI, speakers and more! 

The flexibility of the design will be utilised to showcase seven different themes: Show, Play, Share, Learn, Make, Shop, and Eat.

The Kickstarter Campaign will run this winter from September the 19th to October 19th, if they can raise the $32,000 needed to fund the project.

You can find more information about this here, and let us know if you would like to see your local stores change shape overnight.

Time to cuddle!

A giant teddy bear has arrived in Warsaw, Poland offering cuddles, hugs and a cosy place to stop by and take a load off.

Iza Rutkowska, from the Forms and Shapes Foundation, came up with the idea in response to the current statues in Warsaw – because many commemorate wartime experiences or sociopolitical issues.

Bringing a more light-hearted approach to living in Warsaw, the teddy bear travels around the city to beaches and local parks.

Soon the teddy bear named, ‘the cuddly’, will travel to other countries too.

Take a look at the project here and tell us if you spot this teddy bear!

Inside Chanel

Inside Chanel is an impressive online project telling the story of the iconic fashion house and its founder, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel using a series of videos. 

The project started last autumn when the website was launched.

The final five films are in the process of being released, each combining black and white graphics with archive footage and photography related to a different chapter in the story of Chanel and its founder.

The story of the young Gabrielle Chanel is presented in Chapter 6, ‘Mademoiselle’ in the video below. 

Take a look at the project here and tell us your favourite bit of Chanel’s history. 

Iconic European Buildings photographed from the air

To prove Europe’s most iconic buildings can be even more breathtaking when viewed from the air, Russian photographers and daredevils Vadim Mahora and Vitaly Raskalovym travel Europe with one purpose: to illegally climb to the highest point of the city’s main attraction, hang off its edge and capture the view from the air.

Their latest destinations have included the Sagrada Família in Barcelona (first image), Cologne Cathedral in Germany (second image), the Eiffel Tower in France and many others in 12 different European cities.  

Take a look at the rest of their photos here and tell us would you be brave enough to climb that high?

Beautifully illuminated tunnel art

Dutch artist Geert Mul has transformed this tunnel in the Netherlands into a permanent art installation by using colourful paintings illuminated by LED lights.

The tunnel is situated at the old house of a famous Dutch 17th century scientist and astronomer Christiaan Huygens.

Fittingly the artwork is a tribute to the scientist’s most important breakthroughs, which include the development of the telescope and the microscope. 

Watch the video below to see more of this tunnel and tell us if it compels you to visit it.

A giant Ferris wheel – an app experience!

UN StudioUnstudioThis proposed giant Ferris wheel, ‘Nippon Moon’ developed by Dutch office UNStudio, could rival the London Eye and the Singapore Flyer.

The ‘Nippon Moon’ will combine the familiar design of an observation wheel with a network of virtual interfaces that will allow visitors to create their own augmented realities.

A different theme will be featured in each of the 332 capsules and users will be able to introduce animations and sounds that enhance these themes, or initiate virtual realities within the glazed outer walls through a dedicated Smartphone app.

Visitors will also be able to share their images of the experience using a digital ‘hall of fame’ creating a new level of engagement and interaction between users.

See more of this new tourist attraction here, and tell us if this is something you would like to try.

Watch the funniest of the Heineken ‘Dropped’ campaign

HeinekenOver the last three months Heineken has been sending people all around the world to unexpected situations to complete a series of challenges. 

The campaign sees Irishman Murray and Jakub from Poland taken to a deserted island in the Philippines, handcuffed together, and left to work out how to get themselves rescued.

To see how this turned out watch the video below and many more here, and tell us which of the ‘drops’ is your favourite. 

Sculptural installations challenge gallery spaces

Shaun HurShaun HurKorean-born and London-based Shaun Hur makes installation works to question the confines of gallery spaces.

Hur challenges the passive roles in which viewers traditionally see sculptures within the context of a gallery, implicating the space as an active element in the artwork itself.

The inspiration behind this work comes from closed shops and construction sites combined with evoking the memories of the adventures and discoveries made during childhood.  

Hur creates brilliantly stalling work that questions what we know even as it sits in front of our very eyes.

His works include a twisted column, a hole in the wall or a broken pillar, even a basketball in the centre of a pillar and many more intelligent installations.

See more of his work here, and tell us if you would feel safe in one of these galleries.

A missing chocolate piece

In a new Milka campaign in France and Germany, chocolate is used as both the medium and message, created by Paris based agency Buzzman the campaign is designed to let people truly experience Milka’s ‘Dare to be tender’ tagline.

The chocolate bars that are part of the campaign, are missing a single chocolate square. Using a code on each package, consumers can either request the missing squares for themselves or send them to someone special with a ‘tender note’.

Watch this video below to see the campaign in action and tell us to whom and why you would send your missing piece of chocolate!

‘For rent’ sign that follows you

For rent signIt is no longer the design for a commercial sign that catches your attention; it is now about them following you after you walk past! 

A self-professed inventor of useless things, Niklas Roy, has facilitated this idea that makes his sign more dynamic.

The sign tracked the movement of the people who walked past it – and then followed them across the street!

Roy observed that many commercial spaces are for rent in his local area, and he wanted to make people more aware of what kind of opportunities are around them.

Watch the video below to see what kind of reactions this sign got, and tell us if it would grab your attention.


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