The Map of London Slang

A map of London slang has been released, proving there’s more to the capital’s vocabulary than the ‘apples and pears’ of Cockney Rhyming Slang. by a cartographer and a lexicographer.

Cartographer Adam Dant and lexicographer Jonathon Green have created Argotopolis, a map that covers London slang according to different neighbourhoods.

From the melting pot colloquialisms of Notting Hill to the Yiddish of Hampstead, the map typifies each area with a residence or building (such as Selfridges or David Cameron’s House).

A limited edition of 50 hand-tinted prints is available, while an online version lets you can brush up on your London lingo and discover the heroes of slang.

Take a look at this original map here and tell us what other (polite) London slang you know.

Argotopolis 16.06.15.png

Typeface raises awareness of dyslexia

A student at the London School of Communications has created a special font to raise awareness of dyslexia.

Daniel Britton’s ‘Dyslexia’ font removes 40% of every letter, simulating the frustration that many people with the condition can experience when they are trying to read.

Britton was only diagnosed with dyslexia last year but after creating his innovative typeface, he is now working with the Government on an awareness campaign and plans to create a downloadable version of the font. 

Take a look at ‘Dyslexia’ here.

dislexia design 11.06.15.png

A pizza box movie projector

Fast food and films go hand in hand, but Pizza Hut has recently trialled some innovative pizza boxes in Hong Kong that take this a little step further.

The brand’s new Blockbuster Box can turn into a movie projector (once you’ve eaten the pizza, of course).

Available in four designs, the Blockbuster Box comes with a lens and a holder for your smartphone – all you have to do is clip your phone into the holder and insert the lens into a perforated hole in the box to set up a working projector.

Any smartphone content can be played, but the box does have a QR code that lets customers access a film made by Pizza Hut.

See the Blockbuster Box in action below and tell us if you would like this idea to be launched in the UK.

Pizza hut 04.06.15.png

Illustrated animations celebrate happiness

A Japanese artist has turned everyday moments into cute animated illustrations.

Maori Sakai conveys the message ‘happiness is by your side’ with her collection of sweet gifs, which include a character relaxing with coffee, books, and cats, and another figure buying flowers.

The artist hopes that the quaint animations will help people find happiness in everyday experiences, explaining: “I think most people depend on others or a lot of money to feel this happiness, but I think, happiness is always a state of mind”. 

Take a look at the animations here and tell us if they inspire you to find happiness in the quieter moments of life.

illustrated animation 03.06.15.png

KFC’s disposable keyboards

KFC has tried to make life easier for its customers by integrating technology in its stores…in an unusual way. 

The fast food brand reached out to smartphone users by trying out disposable paper typing trays in its German restaurants.

Customers could connect their devices via Bluetooth to thin rechargeable wireless keyboards, which prevented greasy fingerprints all over their screens.

Have a look at the explanatory video below and tell us if you think KFC should launch the trays in the UK.

KFC 02.06.15.png

Seoul Skygarden

A Dutch architecture studio will transform an old South Korean motorway into an impressive elevated public park.

MVRDV is in charge of creating the ‘Seoul Skygarden’, populating it with an incredible 254 different species of plants, which are organised according to the Korean alphabet.

In its new guise as the Skygarden, the currently abandoned section of the 1970s motorway will bring economic benefits to the area and act as a tranquil shortcut for pedestrians.

Winy Maas of MVRDV said that it “will change the daily lives of many people in Seoul for the better [as] a green oasis in the midst of all the traffic and concrete.”

Take a look at the stunning Skygarden here and tell us what you think.

seoul sky garden 27.05.15.jpg

Concrete vs Concrete: striking street art illusions

An Italian artist has brought some unique street art to the streets of Riccione: strikingly realistic birds seemingly in flight.

Eron, who was named ‘best Italian street artist’ in the 1990s, has depicted herons and seagulls on the walls throughout the Italian city, giving them life through stunning ‘three-dimensional’ realism.

The artist’s sequential ‘flipbook’ style revitalises these old concrete walls with splashes of white, while the illusionary effect makes the birds look like they’re taking off in flight.

Watch Eron create his striking work below and let us know what you think.

Street art bird 26.05.15.jpg


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