21 fascinating house styles around the world

When you think of impressive architecture, it’s easy to think of striking skyscrapers or beautiful, historical buildings – but what about the humble house?

RubberBond’s creative team has created an interesting infographic showcasing some of the most fascinating house styles around the world, revealing how environments influence the way homes are designed and built.  

The infographic explores five different continents and points out their most outstanding house designs, such as the British Roundhouse, the A-frame (USA), and Japan’s Minka. 

Take a look at these fascinating styles here and tell us in which ones you would love to live.

infographic houses 30.06.15.png

21 travel tips for this summer

Whether you’re looking forward to sun, sea, and sand, or are beginning to stress about all the planning that goes into summer holidays, this infographic is for you.

Cleaning service Hassle has put together 21 travel hacks, helping you to be nicely prepared by the time you jet off to sunnier climes.

Tips on destinations, clever packing shortcuts, and insider knowledge on booking and airport procedures all offer invaluable advice to travellers.

Some of our favourites include storing jewellery in a pill container and taking a car park selfie to help you recover your car post-holiday with the minimum of fuss. 

Have a look at the whole infographic here and tell us which tips you’ll be using.

Travel hacks 18.06.15.jpg

Inspirational quotes by fictional characters

From ‘Dance like nobody’s watching’ to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, inspirational quotes are everywhere.

But one company’s new infographic takes its advice from the best of pop culture.

Cornerstone on Demand has taken the best quotes from fictional characters such as Gandalf, the Doctor, Indiana Jones, and Meredith Grey, and placed in categories including teamwork, innovation and marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Quotes include Ferris Bueller’s ‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it’.

See the whole infographic here and let us know your favourite quote.

Inspirational quotes 09.06.15.png

How different generations consume content online

Two companies have teamed up to analyse the behaviour of different age groups online.

Fractl and Buzzstream studied how different generations consume content online, producing a handy infographic of their results, which covers how much time we’re consuming content, when do we consume it, and with which devices. 

One surprising finding is that around 25% of Baby Boomers spend more than 20 hours consuming content online – compared to only 20% of Millennials and Generation X users.

Have a look at the whole infographic here.

Consumer infographic 29.05.15.png

What’s your coffee personality?

A fun infographic reveals your personality according to your favourite type of coffee.

Coffee Tasting Club has detailed six different coffee personalities, from the artisan coffee drinker to the ‘purist’ lover of black coffee, in a series of cute, colourful, and definitely tongue-in-cheek images.

Our favourite example is the Cappucino Drinker, who Coffee Tasting Club describes as ‘sociable, creative and optimistic’ and ‘totally at home in the coffee shop. This is their second home and you are their guest’.

Check out the whole infographic here and tell us your coffee personality.

coffee personnality 26.05.15.jpg

The most unique homes in the world

A new infographic features some innovative home designs, giving you the chance to explore them from afar .

Goodale Miller Team has put together eight fascinating pictures of the world’s most unusual houses.

These include the transparent house in Tokyo, a skateboard house in the USA, and an old tower water in Belgium. 

Discover the rest of these incredible houses here and tell us which ones you’d like to live in.

infographic home 30.04.15.jpg

The progress of technology

An infographic reveals how technology has progressed in the last fifteen years.

As the digital revolution is now so multi-faceted, the infographic just touches on a few key milestones.

These include the Google self-driving car, the rise of mobile devices, and the launch of iTunes, as well the companies that made a significant impact on its development such as Google and Apple.

Have a look at the whole infographic here and tell us what you think about it.

Infographic 22.04.15.jpg


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