The 10 Commandments of Colour Theory

The 10 Commandments of TypographyDesignMantic’s latest infographic reveals some handy colour theory guidelines, suggesting ways to combine and contrast colours.

The infographic, which is a sequel to DesignMantic’s ‘The 10 Commandments of Typography’, looks at the significance of certain colours, the colour wheel and different colour models, such as Pantone and RGB.

It also explores how to use contrasting and complementary colours, including ‘hues, tints, shades and tones’.

Take a look at the whole infographic here and tell us what you think of the rules.

How to be productive

9 ways to be productiveNinja Infographic has compiled a list of handy hints to improve your productivity.

The infographic, which offers nine top tips, helps you be more productive at every point of your day, from getting up to taking lunch.

Advice includes how to approach tasks, creating systems and even improving your email etiquette.

The website has also created a chart detailing efficiency lessons from ants.

Take a look at the whole infographic here and tell us if you do anything to boost your productivity.

The Power of Visual Communication

The Power of Visual CommunicationDid you know that 93% of all communication is nonverbal? Or that cave painting was introduced by the Cro-Magnons? These facts and more are revealed in an infographic, entitled ‘The Power of Visual Communication’.

The infographic, by animation agency Wyzowl, also covers prehistoric knowledge, a timeline of visual styles and how the human mind processes information.

Other statistics such as America’s advertising spend are also included in the infographic.

Take a look at the whole chart here and tell us if you know any other interesting facts about visual communication.

The Colourful History of Video Games

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic Game Boy, The Drum has unearthed an infographic detailing the colourful history of video games.

The infographic, by, takes a look at legendary games consoles, such as Sega Genesis and Sony Playstation, and reveals the predecessor to nostalgic game Pong.

Other interesting facts, including when video games went colour, are also in the chart.

Take a look at the whole infographic here and tell us if you were a Sonic or Space Invaders fan.

The Evolution of the Camera

The Evolution of the CameraEasy Canvas Prints has put together an infographic showing the evolution of the camera.

The infographic, which is laid out in an easy-to-read timeline with simple pictures, spans 500 years, from the first Camera Obscura to the first camera phone.

The ground-breaking Kodak Brownie camera is included in the timeline, while Polaroid is also mentioned.

Take a look at the whole infographic here.

B2B social media in 2014

Social MediaB2B Marketing has unveiled a new study and infographic detailing the social media landscape in 2014.

The infographic reveals the social media behaviour of B2B companies and which best social networks are best for communicating the organisations’ messages.

LinkedIn and Twitter are the most popular platforms for B2B organisations, citing them as the best channels to boost brand awareness.

Other statistics, such as key challenges for B2B companies and what type of content performs the best, are also included in the infographic.

Take a look at the infographic here or download a summary of the report.

How to be a happy brand

A study called ‘HappyBrands’ reveals the brands that best connect emotionally with consumers, because they are associated with ‘happiness’.

The study, by Isobel and Cog Research, asked people to rank products and companies for their ‘happy’ characteristics, which included their generosity and trustworthiness.

‘Feel-good’ brands, such as Cadbury and Andrex are at the top of the scale, along with Google and longstanding brands like Walkers and Heinz.

The study also reveals the happiest product sectors, the most ‘unhappy’ brands and which ones are seen as the most trustworthy.

Take a look at this infographic here to see the results, and tell us which is your favourite ‘happy’ brand.

Content Smorgasbord: is your content snackable?

Oracle Marketing Cloud has released a new infographic, detailing some top tips to make your content ‘snackable’.

‘Content Smorgasbord’ describes snackable material as ideas that are made easily accessible and understood by presenting them in innovative ways.

It also reveals our average attention span and how a message can be tailored to best effect by using videos, infographics and other interesting ways of displaying information.

Along with some key facts, the infographic suggests a range of applications and programs that can help make your facts and figures digestible and memorable, such as Vine and Instagram.

Take a look at the whole infographic here and tell us what you think of snackable content.

30 fun facts about sleep

Did you know that the fastest mobile bed can reach 69mph? Or that a giraffe needs less than 2 hours of sleep a day?

These facts and more are uncovered in a new infographic, which explores interesting information about sleep.

The infographic, made by mattress company Sleepys, also looks at the unusual sleeping habits of famous people and animals, as well as the impact of sleep on your health.

Other insightful statistics include the nature of sleepwalking and dreams, and the true cost of ‘pulling an all-nighter’.

Take a look at the whole infographic here and tell us your favourite facts about sleep.

New study suggests mobile advertising could be more effective than desktop

A new study claims that mobile advertising is now twice as effective as desktop, rising to four times as effective for more affluent consumers.

The study, which was conducted by BBC World News and Millward Brown, surveyed smartphone users from six different countries, including Australia and the USA.

Categorising the top 20% of earners in each country as ‘affluent’, the study found that 39% accessed the internet via mobile at least once an hour, compared to only 21% of the general population.

The study also examined consumers’ attitudes to advertising, brand presence and business on mobile, revealing some interesting differences between the affluent consumers and the rest of their country.

Take a look at the full infographic and the results of this study here. Tell us if you think mobile advertising is more effective than desktop.

‘Rise of Social Media in E-commerce’

MobStac has released a new infographic highlighting the importance of social media in e-commerce.

The infographic reveals some interesting facts, such as how many social media users have purchased a product online after sharing it on a social network.

It also offers tips for e-commerce businesses looking to broaden their social media reach, including how to use different channels, such as Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest, to best effect.

Take a look at the whole infographic here – do you trust a brand more if it has a social media presence?

What makes brands attractive to young people?

The most recent Youth 100 report reveals young people’s favourite brands and companies, and what makes them attractive.

The research discovered that there are three key attributes that young people (classed as aged 18 – 24) rate: convenience, fun and moneysaving.

Brands that are ‘good’ at or combine any of these factors tended to score highly – having a strong social media presence also helped.

Google and Skype were rated highly as brands that made life easier, while fashion brand H&M did well thanks to its perceived value for money. Several ‘fun’ brands appear at the top of the 100, including YouTube and Ben & Jerry’s, but website BuzzFeed (known for its fun factor and social media) was a surprise omission.

The research, which was conducted by Voxburner in collaboration with Thinkhouse and The Student Room, polled more than 2500 young people on 250 brands.

Take a look at Marketing Week’s infographic and summary of the report here and tell us what you think of the results.

The Science of Happiness

Webpage FX has released a new infographic giving some fun facts about happiness, including how it relates to biology and environmental factors.

The report reveals the happiest occupations, how exercise affects our mood and even the most optimistic countries.

According to the infographic, spending twenty minutes outside on a good day can boost positive mood, broaden thinking and improves working memory.

Drawing its content from universities and research studies, Webpage FX wrote: ‘understanding these factors can be helpful in achieving lasting happiness’.

Take a look at the whole infographic here and tell us what you do to boost your mood.

Are we living in the future yet?

Vital Findings has created a new infographic, which examines how close our lives are to the futuristic vision dreamt up by scientists and television in the 1950s and 60s.

The infographic takes a look at key science-fiction tropes and predictions, such as jetpacks and robot assistants, and divides them into timelines of achievements, sort-of events and ideas that just haven’t happened yet.

While some timelines are well-known, such as video communications, others reveal some interesting facts about technology’s progress in the past century or so.

Take a closer look at the infographic here and the research on which it was based. Let us know which products you use or perhaps would, if they haven’t been invented yet.

Marketing Automation: a tool for marketing or sales?

Pardot has created an infographic that challenges the commonly accepted notion that marketing automation is merely a tool for marketers.

The infographic presents a number of statistics that highlight the advantages of marketing automation to sales teams.

One such statistic is that users of marketing automation have a 9.3% higher sales quota achievement.

You can take a look at the rest of this infographic here, tell us if this changes your attitude towards marketing automation.

Increase your Twitter following with this infographic

How to increase your twitter followingGetting followers on Twitter can be tough; you can follow people and hope they follow you back but that isn’t always reliable or practical, especially for businesses.

In reality, the best way to get people to follow you on Twitter (and many social networks) is to be interesting, informative and helpful (when you need to be). 

How do you do this on a social network? Simple, use hashtags, link back to content, and include imagery (where possible).

The reason, as a business, you’d take this approach is to make sure you reach the right audience; those that are interested in the topics you talk about or your business/brand. Also remember that all tweets can be seen by all followers, which is why Twitter is fast overtaking Facebook as a marketing tool.

All this and more is covered in this great infographic created by Twiends, a Twitter directory. Click on the image to see the full size version.

The state of B2B social media

InfographicB2B Marketing has produced an infographic on The State of B2B Social Media 2013, built from the data included in their 2013 B2B Marketing Social Media Benchmarking Report.

From the infographic we can see that Twitter is the most popular platform for B2B businesses, however there looks to be an increase in the prevalence of Google+ in the B2B market.

We also see that a lot of companies don’t calculate the ROI from social media.

Click on the image to see the full Infographic, or click here.

Colourful music pictograms

Music PictogramsWe love these pictograms that chronologue some of the iconic rock artists of the 20th Century by Viktor Hertz.

He set up the project on Funded by Me asking backers to buy the posters in advance until he reached his target so that he could go into production. 

So far be has sold more than $5,000 worth of posters from 90 backers.

All posters are printed on 170 g/m2 silk, sized 50 x 70 cm and are signed by him. They are shipped in thick tubes, est. delivery late July/Early August 2012 and the project is carbon dioxide compensated, new trees are planted in Mozambique after the printing. More info on this here:

To get hold of one of the posters yourself find out more here.


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