A table reflecting the depths of the ocean

The Abyss TableA layered coffee table by Duffy London resembles the depths of the ocean.

The Abyss Table stacks blue glass on slices of light wood, which gives the impression of a sandy sea bed.

The glass echoes the effect of the ocean, as the layers appear to darken as they deepen.

The uniquely shaped table mimics the contours of the ocean and was handmade by Christopher Duffy’s team.

Find out more about the table here and tell us what you think of it.

Layers Cloud Chair

Designer Richard Hutten has debuted his brand new chair at the Milan Furniture Fair.

‘Layers Cloud Chair’ uses 545 layers of coloured fabric, which were individually drawn, cut and manually assembled.

The chair, inspired by Arizona’s Painted Desert, has a round and soft profile with a mesmerising circular pattern.

Hutten used Kvadrat‘s Divina fabric for the chair; Kvadrat displayed the finished product in their exhibition at the fair.

Find out more about the chair here and tell us what you think of it.

Nichetto at Stockholm Design Week

Italian designer Luca Nichetto has debuted some innovative new products at Stockholm Design Week 2014, including his ‘Notes’.

Nichetto created a series of sound panels, entitled ‘Notes’, for furniture manufacturer Offecct.  Made from recyclable felt and other materials, the different shaped panels can be easily arranged and decorated, lending themselves to dividing space as well as absorbing sound.

Luca Nichetto’s company, Nichetto & Partners, opened in 2006 and since then he has won several awards, including the ‘Interior Innovation Award 2013’, ‘IF Product Design Award 2009’ and ‘Grandesign Award 2008’.

Stockholm Design Week has been a yearly fixture in the Swedish capital since 2002 and incorporates the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, at which Nichetto exhibited the new products.

Nichetto’s other collaborations at Stockholm Design Week included Canadian shop Mjölk, De La Espada, and One Nordic Furniture Company.

Find out more about Luca Nichetto and his work here.

Marché des créateurs

A designer has co-created a multipurpose installation, ‘Marché des créateurs’, for a Luxembourg museum.

In conjunction with MUDAM, Noa Haim constructed 200 cardboard stools as ‘building blocks’ for a popup shop named ‘Marché des créateurs’.

Artists and creatives could arrange the stools into areas in which to sell their work – it only took one afternoon to build the entire shop from the furniture.

Haim said: We were trying to keep the design minimal, so visitors would focus on the goods for sale, while also forming a unique retail environment. The system was designed as an open system to allow maximum flexibility for the créateurs participating at the event – they could adjust their own stand according to their needs.’

After the shop closed, the stools were repurposed for the museum’s elderly visitors during guided tours, but will be reassembled into the shop in the summer.

Noa Haim is based in Rotterdam and operates under the title ‘Collective Paper Aesthetics’. Working primarily with cultural and educational establishments, Haim’s motto is ‘everyone can play a designer’.

Look at more pictures from the project here and tell us if you would like to see this kind of popup shop in our museums.

Designer transforms waste into unique furniture

Designer Piet Hein Eek, famous for making furniture from waste material, has taken his vision one step further by creating his ‘Waste Waste’ range.

‘Waste Waste’ uses the wood offcuts that are too small to be used in the original ‘Waste’ collection, in which he takes scrap material and constructs items from scratch. For the new range, Eek cuts the awkwardly-shaped remnants into 40mm by 40mm cubes and uses them as a skin on a design rather than the whole construction, cutting down on labour and time.

This method creates simple, strong pieces, such as round ‘pixellated’ tables, and each piece is unique due to the cubes’ original varnish or paint.

Take a look at the collection here and tell us if you would have one of these pieces in your living room.

2D squiggles that you can sit on!

Artist Daigo Fukawa has brought these 2D sketches to life by designing them as chairs.

His clever furniture challenges viewer’s perceptions because they appear to be purely 2D at first.

The furniture is sturdy enough to sit on – proving that looks can be deceiving with these designs.

Take a closer look at this range here, and tell us if you would happily take a seat on these.

Dine and play pool at the same table

Pool and dining tableAlways wanted to have a pool table but never have had space for one? Fusion Tables has created a perfect solution to that problem by combining a dining table and a pool table into one.

Essentially a convertible table, Fusion Table lets your dining space double as a cool place to hang out and socialize with friends or family after dinner.

The contemporary table features a multi-piece removable top that allows the dining table to be converted to a full-sized billiards table in just a minute, it also uses an invisible pocket technology, giving no hint to your guests about the secret feature of the table.

You can find this product and other bespoke tables here, let us know if you think your family would appreciate a bit of pool before and after dinner.


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