Ladybird launches subversive books for adults

Educational Ladybird Books helped guide us all through childhood, educating us on dinosaurs, King Arthur, and even water.

But now Ladybird has changed its tack somewhat with a new series of books for adults, with lashings of dark humour and cynicism.

If you want to solve a horrible hangover, navigate a midlife crisis, or even get on the dating scene, the new books reflect just some of the challenges of modern adult life.

And in an inspired twist, author Joel Morris made the most of Ladybird’s archive of images dating back to 1940s, adding another layer of subversion to the series.

Find out more about the new adult Ladybird Books here and tell us what you think of them.

Ladybird books 14.10.15.png

Barbie’s inspiring new ad

Barbie has gone back to its roots with an adorable new campaign.

The ad, ‘Imagine The Possibilities’, shows unsuspecting adults reacting to young girls acting out their dream jobs as teachers, football coaches, and even vets.

The idea behind the ad was to return to the essence of the brand, empowering young girls to follow their dreams.

Watch the video below and let us know if you think it’s inspirational.

Barbie 12.10.15+.png

Kermit gets set up in fun new ad

A fun new ad sees one of our favourite Muppets get ‘set up’.

The brilliant video covers the romantic ups and downs between Kermit and Miss Piggy, ahead of their new Muppets TV show airing this autumn.

Featuring a range of American celebrities and Miss Piggy at her outrageous best, the ad also promotes the Emmys and Audi’s new hybrid car – quite a feat for a four minute spot.

Watch the ad below and tell us if you’ll be tuning in to the new show.

Muppet Ad 23.09.15.jpg

Quirky ads celebrating ‘smarter shopping’ has created fifty weird and wonderful real-time ads based on its users’ online shopping carts.

The personalised videos referenced shoppers’ purchases in often surreal ways, with barbershop quartets, a man in an owl mask, and turtles all joining in with the fun.

Incredibly, some of the short films were turned around in mere minutes, thanks to the production team’s conveyor belt style, which was aided by a comedy writer and an improv troupe.

Watch one of the crazy clips below and see the others here. Let us know which ones you like. ad 17.09.15.png

Can dogs read?

A fun new ad by Castor & Pollux Natural Petworks takes a look at an age-old question: can dogs read? 

The star of the advert is an adorable Old English Sheepdog. Orders like ‘roll over and we will give you a bag of treats’ appear on the screen, but gain no reaction from the dog – except a very clueless face.

The ad’s strapline reveals the punchline: ‘They can’t read ingredients, you can’, emphasising that as an owner, you are in control of what they eat.

Brighten up your day – watch the ad below.

Reading Dog 08.09.15.png

‘Go Bold’ with McCoy’s

Addressing the pressure to be ‘manly’, McCoy’s are encouraging men to unleash their ‘Real McCoy’.

The crisp brand’s ‘Go Bold’ campaign has taken a different approach to what it takes to be a real man, with an outrageously funny ad that sees a plumber belting out an Ella Henderson number in the most unexpected places.

The campaign aims to link the strong flavours used in McCoy’s crisps with the bold actions of people revealing their Real McCoy.

Watch the ad below and tell us if you’ll be unleashing your Real McCoy.

McCoys Crisps 01.09.15.png

Tiny Dancer by John Lewis

Known for its innovative Christmas advertising, John Lewis has launched a brilliant new ad for Home Insurance guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The ad’s strapline, ‘If it matters to you, it matters to us’, has been expressed through a little girl with a slightly clumsy but heartfelt passion for dancing.

With the young girl twirling, leaping, and prancing around the house, she nudges and taps all the fragile, precious items in the house – reminding viewers to enjoy family life with the comfort of knowing your home and its contents are insured.

Watch the clever ad below and tell us if it’s brightened up your day.

John Lewis Ad 25.08,15.png


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