The best April Fools of 2014

April Fools 2014April Fools presents companies with a unique opportunity to communicate with their audiences in a more light-hearted way, and this year was no different, The Drum has compiled a list of some of the top April Fools videos of 2014.

Once again, this year did not disappoint in terms of creativity, with a number of companies jumping at the chance to create some funny content.

From square eggs, to a yeasty new soft drink from Vegemite, Malibu even pitched in with their ‘plans’ to launch the world’s first mobile tasting app which would let you taste cocktails by licking your phone screen!

But perhaps the best offering came from YouTube, who released a video claiming to be secretly behind viral trends of the past – and even showcasing what they intend to be the trends of 2014!

See YouTube’s video below, or take a look at the rest here, and let us know which is your favourite.

Popular British ads recreated entirely out of Lego!

To promote the new Lego Movie in the UK the producers have launched a Lego ad campaign where popular British adverts are recreated in Lego!

The move hijacked popular ads from companies like Premier Inn, BT and The British Heart Foundation.

This Lego inspired ad is already a huge hit on YouTube with over 900,000 views. 

Take a look at this ad below and tell us if you can think of any ads that would look good in Lego.

‘Have a Break’ with KitKat’s new advert campaign

KitKat’s new advertising campaign puts an entertaining spin on its classic strapline ‘Have a Break, Have a KitKat’ by lampooning high-speed car chases.

The television advert sees police pursuing a pair of masked criminals, but when they eventually ‘catch’ them, they simply take a moment to snack on a KitKat.

The campaign is the Nestlé-owned brand’s first television spot for three years, though its classic strapline remains at the heart of its marketing.

Jon Lambert (group marketing director for Nestlé UK & Ireland) said: “We wanted KitKat to return to screens with a humorous campaign; reminding everyone not only of the importance of a smile in a break but that KitKat is the chocolate bar to provide that.”

The advert was created by JWT London, which has previously worked with KitKat, and will be supported by online offerings throughout the year.

Take a look at the advert below and tell us what you think of this new spin on the famous chocolate bar.

‘Why is a tennis ball fuzzy?’ and other interesting interview questions

There are some common interview questions that most companies use, such as ‘where do you see yourself in five years’ time?’ Then there are the more obscure ones, such as ‘what is your least favourite thing about humanity?’

Job site Glassdoor has compiled its ‘Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions for 2014’, which are gathered from real-life interview candidates and their unexpected experiences.

Apple, Goldman Sachs and Yahoo were among the organisations asking prospective employees unusual questions, some of which could be answered with one word (‘do you believe in Bigfoot?’), while others would have required very detailed responses (‘how lucky are you and why?’).

Other interview questions included ‘if you were a pizza deliveryman, how would you benefit from scissors?’ and ‘have you ever been on a boat?’

Take a look at the full list or Glassdoor’s collection of serious common interview questions, and tell us if you’ve ever been asked an unexpected question in an interview.

The Think Tank highlights of 2013

2013 has been an interesting year on The Think Tank Blog. We have seen record-breaking buildings, hosts of awards, hilarious new adverts and much more. With the New Year now upon us we take a look back at our top blogs from 2013.

Certainly one of the most memorable buildings we saw last year was this attempt in China to build what would be the world’s tallest building – remarkably inside 90 days. The controversial designs for this made for fascinating reading, you can remind yourself about them here.

Back in January we blogged on some remarkable photos taken of a thawing cold storage building. The images showed the amazing ice structures that had formed within the building – you can take a look at these here.

Another memorable blog was our look at the ten greatest offices in the world. This piece featured offices from Google and Red Bull – to name just a few – and certainly made us jealous that we couldn’t work in offices such as these! Take a look at them here.

As part of The Think Tank’s ongoing sponsorship of B2B Marketing’s Knowledge Bank PR Channel, our PR Director Samantha Dawe produced a Whitepaper titled ‘PR in a changing media landscape’, which took a look at the need for a new mindset to accommodate a changing media world. You can download it here.

Finally one of the most memorable adverts we came across last year has to be the Poo Pourri advert. This video advert contrasted an elegant actress with a toilet spray product and a hilarious script. You can watch this advert here

Virgin America puts a funky new twist on their safety video

Safety videos usually bore passengers to sleep, but last week Virgin America launched a new video to engage people in a more light-hearted way. 

The video features rapping and even people dancing the ‘robot’ which certainly breaks the norm for on-flight safety videos.

Dance stars from ‘American Idol‘ and ‘So You Think You Can Dance‘ team up with Virgin America staff to make this highly entertaining video.

Virgin is even auditioning for dancers for the future version of the safety video, entrants must be U.S. residents but anyone can judge the contestants here

Take a look at the lively video below, and tell us if you would like to see it on your next flight.

Adobe’s ‘Clicking Baby’

Adobe has released a fun new video called ‘Clicking Baby’ to show how its marketing cloud can help businesses.

The video gives a light-hearted insight into how purchasing behaviour can affect a business, and therefore the salience of good business insight.

Take a look at the video below, and tell us if this persuades you to put a lock on your laptop. 

15 ideas to improve your travel

Marriott has launched, to learn the different ways travellers believe that their holidays could be improved.

They invite users to suggest their ideas, and have then selected the 15 most voted for ideas as their winners.

The list of winners contains a number of great ideas, some so practical you’ll wish you thought of them, and others that will impress you with their creativity.

Take a look at this list here, and tell us which idea you would implement for your next holiday.

Amazon’s funniest product reviews

To mark its 15 year anniversary in the UK, Amazon has rounded up some the the funniest product reviews they have received.

Users are encouraged to vote for their personal favourites to ensure the list is as funny as can be!

A variety of products have clearly attracted the attention of witty product reviews, this list features a range of products from banana slicers to horse masks.

Take a look at the list here, and tell us which is your favourite.

Seven generations of the Porsche 911 ‘sing’ happy birthday

To celebrate the 50th birthday of the Porsche 911, the German automotive company created a ‘car symphony’ to sing itself happy birthday.

Featuring seven generations of the Porsche 911, the cars joined together in revving their engines to the familiar tune of ‘happy birthday’.

To coincide with this video Porsche has also released a game which allows users to use cars to play different songs.

See this stunt in the video below, and tell us what tunes you think your car could belt out.

Hilarious complaints from Thomas Cook travellers

Blogdramedy – an online blog, has compiled this hilarious list of genuine complaints Thomas Cook has received from people who have hopped aboard one of their holidays.

It seems that no parts of holidays have been spared from these complaints with gripes about hairdressers, sandy beaches, and even king-size beds!

Ranging from the obscure to the just plain funny this list is sure to make you smile.

Take a look at the comments from these unhappy holidaymakers here, and tell us if you have ever heard of any funnier complaints.

Hilarious Poo-Pourri advert

You might think it would be difficult to advertise a toilet spray, however Poo-Pourri have done just that with this hilarious video advert.

The video features a contrast between a young and elegant actress speaking in a most ‘proper’ way, with a shockingly crude script.

The advert has been a massive success – having already had more than 10 million views on YouTube!

So it would be natural to expect this toilet spray to become a common fixture in a bathroom near you.

Take a look at the video below, and order yourself some Poo-Pourri spray here.

Chipotle tackle industrial food production using animated ad

This excellent advert from Chipotle entitled “The Scarecrow” uses a recipe of celebrity covers of a famous song, stunning long-form animation and a strong environmental message to create an effective and memorable campaign.

This is another grand statement from the restaurant chain Chipotle about the world of industrial food production.

They have also created a free, arcade-style adventure game for the iPhone and iPad to engage with their audience, which you can download here

Chipotle worked with Fiona Apple, CAA Marketing and the Oscar-winning animators at Moonbot Studios to create this lovely and touching advert.

Watch the advert below and tell us what you think.

Charlie the hamster steers a Volvo truck!

In this death-defying stunt from Volvo Trucks Charlie the hamster is enlisted to steer a 15 ton Truck through a precarious mountain track in Spain.

The stunt highlighted the launch of Volvo Trucks’ new steering wheel technology that they claim can make even the heaviest trucks easy to manoeuvre.

Charlie was carefully selected from a long list of applicants from an extended casting procedure – where he was trained to stay focused in a noisy, unfamiliar environment.

A specially built hamster treadmill was attached to the steering wheel of the truck, meaning that whichever way Charlie ran steered the vehicle.

Take a look at the stunt in the video below, and tell us if you think any of your pets could steer your car. 

President of Volvo Trucks plays the stuntman in latest advert

Volvo Trucks has gone a step further in making a popular YouTube advert – by recruiting their president Claes Nilsson as the star stuntman!

Created by Forsman & Bodenfors the video shows the president, clad in a hard hat, speaking directly to the camera about the strength of the new front towing hook on the latest Volvo construction truck.

As the camera fades away you see the president is speaking atop a truck hoisted 20 metres above the water in Gothenburg harbour.

Take a look at the video below, and tell us if you think Claes Nilsson is the bravest president around.

Funny video encourages businesses to go digital

Canvas has created this funny video to encourage businesses to stop ‘living in the last century’.

The cloud-based software company wants to help businesses reduce the amount of paper they use and become more digital.

To deliver this message in a light-hearted way the video invents a disease called ‘APIS’ (Acute Paper Infection Syndrome) which is blighting the success of businesses.

So to protect themselves they must switch to digital.

Watch the hilarious video below, and tell us if you know of any businesses suffering from ‘Apis’.

Watch the funniest of the Heineken ‘Dropped’ campaign

HeinekenOver the last three months Heineken has been sending people all around the world to unexpected situations to complete a series of challenges. 

The campaign sees Irishman Murray and Jakub from Poland taken to a deserted island in the Philippines, handcuffed together, and left to work out how to get themselves rescued.

To see how this turned out watch the video below and many more here, and tell us which of the ‘drops’ is your favourite. 

‘For rent’ sign that follows you

For rent signIt is no longer the design for a commercial sign that catches your attention; it is now about them following you after you walk past! 

A self-professed inventor of useless things, Niklas Roy, has facilitated this idea that makes his sign more dynamic.

The sign tracked the movement of the people who walked past it – and then followed them across the street!

Roy observed that many commercial spaces are for rent in his local area, and he wanted to make people more aware of what kind of opportunities are around them.

Watch the video below to see what kind of reactions this sign got, and tell us if it would grab your attention.

Jackie Chiles sues the bears!

Sue the bearsSeinfeld’s Jackie Chiles sues the bears in a new Jim Beam campaign promoting its new honey-flavoured whiskey.

In the video Chiles receives a call from Jim Beam, who tells him about the new flavour but also shares his concern that bears could steal all the honey. To save the honey (whiskey) Jackie Chiles must act.

This clever and funny advertisement created by Edelman presents a serious case using humour. It aims to raise awareness of the plight of the honey bees with a totally absurd story and with an even more absurd lawyer.

Watch the video below to learn what Jackie did and join the discussion on Twitter: #suethebears

Street signs with a new twist

Street signFrench street artist Clet Abraham has designed an interesting twist on the local traffic signs.

Being charged with vandalism hasn’t stopped Abraham from prowling the streets of Europe, adding his own irreverent twist to traffic signs for the past two years. 

Examples of his humorous and subversive work can be found here. Please let us know which one is your favourite and especially if you see him in action!


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