‘Rise of Social Media in E-commerce’

MobStac has released a new infographic highlighting the importance of social media in e-commerce.

The infographic reveals some interesting facts, such as how many social media users have purchased a product online after sharing it on a social network.

It also offers tips for e-commerce businesses looking to broaden their social media reach, including how to use different channels, such as Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest, to best effect.

Take a look at the whole infographic here – do you trust a brand more if it has a social media presence?

Facebook reveals the biggest trends of 2013

Facebook has released new data from 2013 which reveals the most talked about topics of 2013.

The list includes some obvious contenders and some more less obvious topics.

Predictably the Royal Baby and Pope Francis both feature highly, however so does Miley Cyrus and the Harlem Shake.

The data also contains the locations that people have ‘checked in’ at the most – which also provides an interesting read.

Take a look at the Facebook trends of 2013 here, and tell us if you have contributed to these online topics.

Tokyo City Symphony takes 3D mapping to a new level

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Roppongi Hills – one of Japan’s largest integrated developments – The Mori Company decided to release a website that promotes Tokyo as a world class city.

The website allows users to experiment with 3D projection mapping on a miniature model of Tokyo whilst using the buildings and sectors to create sounds that form the perfect symphony.

The website offers users an integrated acoustic and visual 3D experience of the City of Tokyo.

Users can share their unique renditions online through Facebook or Twitter.

Create your symphony here, and see this in action in the video below.

Pedigree inspires dog owners to walk their pets!

To encourage dog owners to take their dogs on sufficiently long walks Pedigree devised a series of interesting city walks.

Using JCDecaux and Clear Channel‘s bus shelter network Pedigree were able to map out interesting city walks in the Belgian cities Ghent and Brussels.

To make these walks a bit more interesting the posters also had an interactive aspect through Facebook, enabling dog walkers the chance to win free dog food.

Take a look at how these walks were received in the video below, and tell us if this would inspire you to walk that little bit further.

Your face could soon find itself in a Google ad!

If you don’t approve of Facebook using information from its users in ads, then you won’t be a fan of Google’s latest terms of service.

Starting from November 11th Google will allow an adult user’s profile name and photo to appear in reviews and advertising.

These endorsements will operate in a similar way to Facebook’s ‘Sponsored Stories‘.

Google has stated that “this only happens when you take an action (things like +1’ing, commenting or following) – and the only people who see it are the people you’ve chosen to share that content with.” 

The programme is only targeting adults over the age of 18 and you can also opt out.

You can find out more about this hear, tell us how you would feel if you came across yourself in a Google endorsement.

Subway launches nationwide teddy bear hunt

Subway have launched a new big-money marketing campaign to promote its new limited-edition mango chicken sub.

The advert features a character called Janet who doesn’t seem to have much luck in life – until she finds herself a mango chicken sub from Subway!

Built around this story Subway is inviting everyone else to ‘#WinLikeJanet’ by participating in their new facebook game.

The game is an online teddy bear hunt and involves players searching through Google Street View maps to find teddy bears – of which there are five to find and win each day.

Subway plan to give clues to the bears whereabouts via their twitter feed.

Have a look at their advert below, and tell us if you plan on joining the hunt.


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