Automated Thanking Machines

Automated Thanking Machines‘Sometimes you just want to say thank you’ is the opening line of a bank’s campaign to give back to its customers.

TD Canada Trust converted some of its ATMs into ‘Automated Thanking Machines’, dispensing all sorts of presents, including clothes, flowers, and plane tickets.

Watch the heartwarming video below to see the lucky customers’ reactions and tell us what you think of the campaign.

An organic phone charger made of fruit and veg

Organic chargerThe new Nokia Lumia 930 has been showcased with a charger made of fruit and vegetables.

Microsoft and Carphone Warehouse teamed up on the outdoor ‘Back to Light’ campaign, which has demonstrated the phone being charged by over 800 apples and potatoes.

The public demonstration took place at Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush and was designed by artist Caleb Charland, who took inspiration from the classic classroom project of making batteries out of fruit.

Charland said: “By creating this large organic charger to power a Lumia 930 device, this work speaks to a common curiosity we all have for how the world works, as well as a global concern for the future of Earth’s energy sources.”

Find out more about the demonstration here and let us know what you think.

Dove brings ‘100 colours’ to shopping centres

Dove 100 colours screensDove installed colour-detecting digital screens in shopping centres across the country, as part of its ‘100 colours’ campaign.

The screens recognised the dominant colour of a person’s clothing and then showed them a demonstration of Dove’s deodorant being sprayed on fabric of a similar colour – proving that the deodorant doesn’t stain clothes.

The screens finished the demonstration by telling users where to buy Dove within the shopping centre.

The campaign, put together by Kinetic, was carried out in shopping centres including Bluewater and Lakeside.

Find out more about the campaign here and tell us what you think.

The best storytelling brands

Best Storytelling BrandsNew research has revealed which brands are best at storytelling, which helps consumers invest in their product.

The study, by Aesop and OnePoll, asked consumers to rate brands for personality, memorability, and credibility, among other factors.

Charities and technology brands are overtaking established stalwarts for storytelling; with Apple remaining at the top of the ranks, supermarkets are being superseded by the likes of YouTube, Virgin Media and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Cadbury is also highlighted as a strong storytelling brand, thanks to its innovative marketing strategy, which has included high-profile experiential stunts.

Find out more about the research here and tell us which brands you think are good storytellers.

Bounce Below

Bounce BelowA unique visitor experience is opening in Llechwedd Slate Caverns in Wales: giant underground trampolines.

Bounce Below uses three trampolines suspended from the cave walls, each connected by chutes and safety nets.

Visitors will travel deep into the mountain by train, where they can reach the trampolines via a sixty-feet-long slide.

The experience is completed by LED lights, which provide a colourful background to the long-unused caverns.

Bounce Below opens to the public on the 3rd July, near Blaenau Ffestiniog.

Let us know if you would jump at the chance to experience Bounce Below and take a closer look here.

Raise the Roof

Raise the RoofAn ice cream brand’s new campaign has brought people together through rooftop art.

Kibon’s project, called ‘Raise the Roof’, united local residents of a Brazilian town with artists.

The community has created 22 murals, which were then exhibited on the rooftops of Morro do Alomeo and could be seen from the cable car that travels over the shantytown.

Kibon’s campaign aims to bring ‘culture to the community’, as well as being a unique publicity stunt.

Watch the video below or find out more about the inspirational campaign here.

Jet off to Geneva

Jet off to GenevaGeneva Tourism has combined experiential and online marketing for its new ‘Jet off to Geneva’ campaign.

The tourist board set up a mini Jet d’Eau de Genève in Canary Wharf and asked members of the public to cycle hard enough to power the fountain.

Whoever could power the fountain the longest won a luxury weekend for two in the Swiss city; now Geneva Tourism is offering the weekend package, along with other prizes, to players of the online game.

Find out more about ‘Jet off to Geneva’ here or watch the video below. Tell us what you think of this fun campaign.

3D postcards encourage Brits to ‘Get Up & Go’

Get Up & GoTravelodge took over Waterloo station with interactive picture postcards last week.

The hotel chain used 3D street art to promote its ‘Get Up & Go’ campaign, which encourages Britons to be more adventurous.

The campaign grew from Travelodge’s survey, which revealed that less than a third of Brits would do something adventurous, such as a white-knuckle sport.

Commuters and members of the public could be photographed in front of the pictures, which gave the illusion that they were abseiling down the White Cliffs of Dover or waterskiing down the River Thames.

Find out more about the campaign here and tell us if this makes you feel like trying something adventurous.

Little Coca-Cola kiosks promote new mini cans

Coca-Cola mini kiosk‘It’s the little things in life that make us happy’ is the strapline for Coca-Cola’s new publicity stunt, promoting its miniature cans.

The campaign, which is running throughout Germany, uses miniature kiosks (with their vendors presumably sitting on the ground) and even has to-scale chairs, a bin and a parasol.

The campaign, which was created by Ogilvy & Mather Berlin, promotes the new mini cans, which are 150ml.

Watch the campaign below and tell us what you think of the tiny cans.

Delta Social Soul

A digital installation has given users the chance to find their ‘social soulmate’ by immersing them in other people’s social media streams.

Delta Social Soul’, which consisted of a room covered in monitors and mirrors, displayed the visitor’s Twitter feed and uses an algorithm to find their ‘social soulmate’ among other attendees of the Vancouver TED conference.

The experience was devised by experiential marketing agency MKG and was inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms.

Find out more about ‘Delta Social Soul’ here and let us know what you think of the immersive installation.

Pop-up spaces to appear on London Underground

A new scheme has been announced which aims to give London Underground a bit of a boost – by hosting temporary pop-up shops in several stations.

Brands and retailers can use a ‘white box room’ and even ‘take over’ the nearby tunnels with their message during their residence.

The fifteen rooms, or units, will be refreshed every three months, and participating stations include Baker Street and Piccadilly Circus.

The scheme is organised by Transport for London, online marketplace Appear Here and design consultancy Tait.

Find out more about it here and tell us if you think these pop-ups can revitalise the Underground.

‘Moments of Warmth’

Duracell has launched a new campaign encouraging Canadians to keep warm in the harsh winter – by holding hands in a special interactive bus shelter.

The bus shelter, which loosely resembles a Duracell battery, has heaters that only turn on once its occupants complete a ‘circuit’.

They do this by holding hands and pressing on the positive and negative signs on either end of the shelter.

Duracell filmed the campaign, which it entitled ‘Moments of Warmth’, with the help of creative agency Cossette.

You can watch the advert below, and tell us if you would take part in a ‘Moment of Warmth’.

Brewery unveils latest ‘Game of Thrones’-inspired beer

An American brewery has revealed its latest beer inspired by ‘Game of Thrones’, called ‘Fire and Blood’.

Brewery Ommegang has previously collaborated with HBO, which makes the hit TV show, on two other beers, ‘Iron Throne’ and ‘Take the Black Stout’.

Timed for the launch of Series 4, ‘Fire and Blood’ is a red ale with ‘rich maltiness’ and ‘spicy notes’ from ancho chilies and rye, celebrating the rebirth of dragons in the series.

‘Fire and Blood’ comes with three possible labels, all created by the ‘Game of Thrones’ production team.

Find out more about the beer here and tell us if you would try one of the range.

The most interesting hotels in the world

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep underwater? Or maybe to stay in a hotel on stilts? Dezeen has compiled a list of the ten most interesting hotels in the world.

Each hotel offers a completely unique experience to its guests.

‘The Bird’s Nest’ by Inredningsgruppen, which has a retractable staircase and uses the surrounding trees for support, is part of the Tree Hotel in Sweden. Letting its guests get close to nature, ‘The Bird’s Nest’ can accommodate a family of four and uses a network of tree branches for its façade.

Another hotel on the list is Canada’s Fogo Island Inn, a minimalist building constructed on stilts, which reduces the hotel’s impact on the landscape.

Take a look at the whole list here and tell us your favourites.

Edible chocolate art set

Tokyo-based design company Nendo has designed a set of chocolate art supplies with a twist – they are completely edible.

Users will be able to create their own art, then enjoy eating the rest of the supplies left over.

These supplies will feature in the Seibu design store in Japan.

Take a look at more of these edible supplies here, and tell us if this convinces you to become an artist.

The Think Tank unveils ‘the best pool table in Clerkenwell’

Having already featured on this blog, The Think Tank has been able to get their hands on their own Fusion Table.

For those that don’t know, Fusion Tables are able to double as a pool table and as a dining/meeting table.

The addition of this table acts as both a meeting room for the team, and also a pool table to help the guys relax after a busy days work.

You can enquire about a Fusion Table of your own here, and tell us if you would one of these for your office.

Bobtail uses dog-friendly fireworks to convey their message

With the festive season already among us South African dog food company Bobtail launched this campaign to increase the awareness of the dangers firewoks cause dogs.

Bobtail created their own fireworks – that when lit opened up an informative message about the stress and anxiety that can be caused to dogs by fireworks.

These were given out to top celebrities and radio personalities for maximum coverage.

See the campaign below, and tell us if this makes you think twice about fireworks.

Underwater hotel room opens in Africa

Situated off the eastern coast of Africa, a private floating island at The Manta Resort now offers an underwater room.

Designed by Swedish company Genberg Underwater Hotels the private room offers a unique tranquillity against the beautiful African backdrop.

The building has three different levels; a rooftop terrace – perfect for sun bathing, a deck at sea level and the submerged hotel room below sea level.

Spotlights have even been placed on the sea bed to attract a variety of attractive marine life to be viewed from the bedroom.

Take a closer look at this project in the video below or find out more here, and tell us if you’ll be booking a stay!

Tokyo City Symphony takes 3D mapping to a new level

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Roppongi Hills – one of Japan’s largest integrated developments – The Mori Company decided to release a website that promotes Tokyo as a world class city.

The website allows users to experiment with 3D projection mapping on a miniature model of Tokyo whilst using the buildings and sectors to create sounds that form the perfect symphony.

The website offers users an integrated acoustic and visual 3D experience of the City of Tokyo.

Users can share their unique renditions online through Facebook or Twitter.

Create your symphony here, and see this in action in the video below.

Lady Gaga pilots the world’s first ‘flying dress’

Lady Gaga wowed the audience of her new album launch party this week by piloting the world’s first ‘flying dress’

The dress entitled ‘Volantis‘ is shaped to resemble a haute-couture gown, and is powered by six different rotors.

Lady Gaga is not new to dramatic public appearances, but flying dresses are a first even for her.

You can see this unique dress in action below, and tell us if this is your sort of dress.


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