Snapchat: the next big thing for agencies?

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Instagram.

These are all social networks that both brands and agencies use every day to connect with their audiences – but what about Snapchat?

A new article by Adweek suggests that agencies are turning to Snapchat, which describes itself as ‘the best way to reach 13 to 34 year olds’.

Made for mobile, Snapchat allows users to create ‘snaps’, which are shared with friends in real-time and are viewable for up to ten seconds.

It also lets you create ‘stories’ created from snaps, which are viewable for 24 hours, and offer more potential to agencies and brands to get their content out there, while the time limit encourages a more experimental approach to what they produce.

Find out more about how Snapchat is on the rise for agencies here.

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UK advertising spend reaches record high

Investment in digital advertising has driven UK ad spend up to a record £9.4bn.

According to the latest Advertising Association/Warc Expenditure Report, the sector saw steady growth in traditional areas, such as out of home (2.3% growth), direct mail (4.5% growth), and forecast TV ads (7.1%).

Nonetheless, digital advertising grew the most, by 13.3%, with mobile advertising accounting for 79% of this.

Tim Lefroy, Advertising Association chief executive said: “Advertising’s resilience points to the strength of the broader economy in the first half. The UK leads the world in e-commerce and the trend to mobile means serving the public better – ads in the right place at the right time.”

Find out more about the report here.


Futuristic jobs that actually exist

Mashable has put together a great list of futuristic-sounding jobs that some lucky people actually have.

From certified UAV pilots to big data architects, the selection recognises how the world of work is turning more towards sustainability, data, and of course, innovative tech.

Here are some of our favourites:

3D-printed clothing designer

3D printing is becoming increasingly accessible, being used in construction and the creative industries. With 3D-printed clothes already popping up on the catwalk and the technology taking the accessories sector by stealth, this really could be the future of fashion.

Smart grid solution architect

One of the more obscure titles on the list, a smart grid solution architect devises ways to combine green energy with conventional infrastructure, preparing our cities for a more clean way of living.

Alternative currency specialist

Bitcoin and other alternative currencies may be a flash in the pan, but they might also change the face of banking forever. Naturally, then, we would need financial advisors and analysts with expertise in this area.

Read the whole list here and tell us which job role you would pick – or let us know if you’ve got a great futuristic job.

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Google’s clickable paper posters

An innovative poster campaign by Google involves one community in the local issues that matter to them most.

Google Impact Challenge’s ‘digital paper’ posters enable Bay Area locals to vote for participating charities, simply by pressing colourful icons on ads at bus stops, coffee shops, and other community gathering points.

The organisations are in the running for millions of dollars of grant funding; some of the schemes involve setting up education centres and helping to finance small businesses.

Designed to embody Google’s ‘commitment to equal access for everyone’, the posters aim to bring the challenge to the community, rather than merely carrying out an online vote.

Find out more about the campaign here and tell us if you’d like to see digital paper posters where you live.

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Smile for Coca-Cola’s interactive billboard

Coca-Cola is bringing a smile to Swedish commuters’ faces with its innovative ‘Coke-moji’ billboard.

The unique subway station billboard in Stockholm combines facial recognition and emojis to spread some much-needed happiness at one of the dullest times of day.

Displaying a bold (and some might say cheeky) emoji bottlecap face, the billboard mimics the facial expressions of its audience, who can’t resist adding a few seconds to their journey for a touch of joy.

The billboard is an extension of Coca-Cola’s #MakeItHappy campaign; you can see how some passers-by joined in the fun below.

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What’s your social media age?

Have you ever wondered what your true social media age is?

The Guardian’s new quiz finds out how old you really are in this new-fangled digital world of ours.

Being ‘trendy’, ‘hip’, and ‘down with the kids’ is often linked to the language you use on social networks: knowing your #YOLO from your LOL can determine your follower count and popularity in this day and age.

But of course, the quiz is tongue in cheek – play it here and tell us your social media age.

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App combines iconic art with augmented reality

A new augmented reality app lets users ‘remix’ famous works by well-known artists to create their own masterpieces.

With no need for pens and paper, Dazzle It allows you to get your hands on a range of work, such as Sir Peter Blake’s pop art, and experiment with it, including combining and juxtaposing artworks and your own photos.

The app, which is inspired by the colourful dazzle ships used in World War One, then overlays your unique images onto a 3D model, which can be shared across social media and uploaded to a dedicated gallery.

Read more about this new app here and tell us if you’ll be creating your own dazzle designs.

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