World Interior of the Year shortlist unveiled

The shortlist for World Interior of the Year 2015 has been revealed, showcasing all sorts of innovative, inspiring, and unique interior designs.

The awards, organised by INSIDE World Festival of Interiors, celebrate fantastic design in nine categories, including Creative Re-use, Display, and Hotels.

Fifty projects have been shortlisted; our favourites include the colourful Medibank Workplace (pictured) and the striking New Rock World Ktv in China.

Take a look at the complete list of shortlisted project here and tell us for which ones you would vote.

interior designs 2015.png

5 cities for a weekend getaway

If you are on the hunt for a creative weekend away, this post is for you.

Creative Bloq has put together a list of five different European cities that are easily accessible and worth a bit of expense.

Whether you are looking to improve your design skills, marvel at some historical architecture, or simply want to explore a different culture, there’s an exciting city for you on this list, which includes Helsinki and Marseille.

Take a look at the list here and tell us which city you would be ready to visit.

creative cities 01.07.15.png

21 fascinating house styles around the world

When you think of impressive architecture, it’s easy to think of striking skyscrapers or beautiful, historical buildings – but what about the humble house?

RubberBond’s creative team has created an interesting infographic showcasing some of the most fascinating house styles around the world, revealing how environments influence the way homes are designed and built.  

The infographic explores five different continents and points out their most outstanding house designs, such as the British Roundhouse, the A-frame (USA), and Japan’s Minka. 

Take a look at these fascinating styles here and tell us in which ones you would love to live.

infographic houses 30.06.15.png

‘Summer of Love and Hate’ jars by Marmite

Unilever has revealed new limited edition jars for its infamous Marmite product, just for this summer.

Playing on the polarised reactions that the spread produces (you either love it or hate it), Marmite has introduced two brand new designs for its iconic jars: ‘Summer of Love’ and ‘Summer of Hate’.

The designs, available from July to September, were inspired by Woodstock and the Summer of Love, reflected in the colourful Sixties-style labels and the retro typography.

This vintage throwback is being used to promote Marmite’s ‘lighter summery blend’, which it describes as a ‘slight twist on the traditional recipe’.

Take a closer look at the jar designs here and tell us which one you’ll be buying – although be warned, less than a hundred ‘Summer of Hate’ jars will be made available (one for each day of British Summer).

Marmite jars 23.06.15.png

Intricate handmade paper art

An artist has revealed some of her incredibly intricate pieces of paper art, which she creates through a simple but painstaking process.

With just a craft knife, Suzy Taylor transforms a single piece of paper into a recognisable design, such as a rabbit with a delicate ‘lace-like’ floral-themed silhouette.

By using such a traditional process to create these beautiful designs, each piece is unique but of the artist’s distinctive style.

Taylor said: “I love working this way, it’s totally absorbing and I can get lost in it for hours”.

Take a look at these unique designs here and tell us your favourite.

Hand cut designs 16.06.15.png

Typeface raises awareness of dyslexia

A student at the London School of Communications has created a special font to raise awareness of dyslexia.

Daniel Britton’s ‘Dyslexia’ font removes 40% of every letter, simulating the frustration that many people with the condition can experience when they are trying to read.

Britton was only diagnosed with dyslexia last year but after creating his innovative typeface, he is now working with the Government on an awareness campaign and plans to create a downloadable version of the font. 

Take a look at ‘Dyslexia’ here.

dislexia design 11.06.15.png

Illustrated animations celebrate happiness

A Japanese artist has turned everyday moments into cute animated illustrations.

Maori Sakai conveys the message ‘happiness is by your side’ with her collection of sweet gifs, which include a character relaxing with coffee, books, and cats, and another figure buying flowers.

The artist hopes that the quaint animations will help people find happiness in everyday experiences, explaining: “I think most people depend on others or a lot of money to feel this happiness, but I think, happiness is always a state of mind”. 

Take a look at the animations here and tell us if they inspire you to find happiness in the quieter moments of life.

illustrated animation 03.06.15.png


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