Wrinkles of the City

A French artist has installed giant street portraits in the city of Istanbul, showcasing the characterful features of older Istanbulites.

JR has just finished his latest impressive project, as part of his ‘Wrinkles of the City’ series, on fifteen buildings throughout the Turkish metropolis.

The artist, who is known for his amazing street portraits across the world, explains “the ‘Wrinkles of the City’ project paints a picture of the Twentieth Century by exploring the lives of those who witnessed their cities becoming scarred by the course of history, economic growth and sociocultural changes”.

Discover the different ‘Wrinkles of the City’ installations on this handy map and take a look at JR’s Instagram here.

Wrinkles of Istanbul 19.06.15.png

Intricate handmade paper art

An artist has revealed some of her incredibly intricate pieces of paper art, which she creates through a simple but painstaking process.

With just a craft knife, Suzy Taylor transforms a single piece of paper into a recognisable design, such as a rabbit with a delicate ‘lace-like’ floral-themed silhouette.

By using such a traditional process to create these beautiful designs, each piece is unique but of the artist’s distinctive style.

Taylor said: “I love working this way, it’s totally absorbing and I can get lost in it for hours”.

Take a look at these unique designs here and tell us your favourite.

Hand cut designs 16.06.15.png

The Brutalist Playground

This summer, RIBA’s The Brutalist Playground will be open to the public as part of the London Festival of Architecture.

Designed as both a sculpture and an architectural installation, this immersive work of art is part of a new commission by the Turner Prize, architecture collective Assemble, and artist Simon Terrill.

The artists are inspired by the post-war playgrounds that now lie abandoned in parts of London like Pimlico and Paddington, images of which will be projected onto The Brutalist Playground’s concrete walls.

Assemble said: “the challenge of reconstructing elements of now forgotten Brutalist play structures within the RIBA gallery is an exciting opportunity for us to explore contemporary issues surrounding play, by looking at the often surreal objects from the past”.

Learn more about this exciting event here and tell us if you’ll be visiting.

Brutalist playground 15.06.15.png

2 Kinds of People

Are you the kind of person that needs one alarm to wake up or are you a serial snoozer? Are you the type to cut your sandwich in half or neatly portion it into triangles?

Portuguese art director has created a Tumblr called 2 Kinds of People, where a series of minimalist illustrations depict the little quirks that make us unique.

Several simple but recognisable situations are shown, from browsing on the Internet to listening to music, showing in a light-hearted way that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ approach to life.

Take a look at these fun illustrations here and tell us what kind of person you are.

2 kind of people 12.06.15.png

Madison Square Park’s striking mirage

A stunning mirrored structure has been installed above Madison Square Park in New York.

Teresita Fernández’s 500ft sculpture is made of uniquely shaped mirror-polished discs, creating a kaleidoscopic illusion known as a ‘Fata Morgana’. 

‘Fata Morgana’ creates an ethereal experience for Park visitors, becoming ‘a ghost-like, sculptural, luminous mirage that both distorts the landscape and radiates golden light’, as the artist explained.

The installation will remain in Madison Square Park until Winter 2016.

Take a closer look at this impressive structure here and tell us if you’ll be visiting the Park.

madison square garden 04.06.15.png

Illustrated animations celebrate happiness

A Japanese artist has turned everyday moments into cute animated illustrations.

Maori Sakai conveys the message ‘happiness is by your side’ with her collection of sweet gifs, which include a character relaxing with coffee, books, and cats, and another figure buying flowers.

The artist hopes that the quaint animations will help people find happiness in everyday experiences, explaining: “I think most people depend on others or a lot of money to feel this happiness, but I think, happiness is always a state of mind”. 

Take a look at the animations here and tell us if they inspire you to find happiness in the quieter moments of life.

illustrated animation 03.06.15.png


An artist has created a stunning immersive light installation in Amsterdam.

Daan Rossegaarde’s ‘Waterlicht’ creates the illusion that the city’s museum square (Museumplein) is under water, thanks to the undulating lines of light projected by the installation.

The experience was designed to convey the Netherlands’ relationship with water, especially in light of the museum’s recent acquisition of a painting of St Peter’s Flood in 1651, contrasting the 17th Century depiction of water with Rossegaarde’s modern intepretation.

Watch the installation below and let us know what you think of it.


Daan Roosegaarde 29.05.15.png


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