Book and Bed

If you love literature and have your sights set on Japan, this could be the perfect place to stay.

‘Book and Bed’ is a tranquil hostel in Tokyo, offering a wide range of English and Japanese books to its guests, who get to relax in library-style surroundings complete with mood lighting and wooden fixtures.

Designed by Suppose Design Office, ‘Book and Bed’ was opened to the public on 5th November.

Take a look at the hostel here and let us know if you’d stay there.

book hostel 10.11.15.png

A rooftop infinity pool for Battersea Power Station

As part of Battersea Power Station’s revamp, the iconic development is gaining a rooftop infinity pool.

The infinity pool will be set within the roof garden of a 160-room hotel, providing guests with an up-close-and-personal view of the building’s historic chimneys.

Designed to breathe new life into the area, the hotel is part of Foster + Partners’ The Skyline scheme, a mixed-use block which will be home to shops and affordable housing.

Take a closer look at the stunning pool here and let us know what you think of it.

Battersea Power Station 04.11.15.png

An ancient church emerges from the waves

A 400 year old Mexican church has resurfaced from underwater after nearly fifty years.

The Templo de Quechula was submerged under sea in 1966 but due to decreasing water levels, it has recently emerged, revealing its historic beauty.

Believed to have been built by a group of monks in the 16th Century, the church’s dramatic architecture is still intact; visitors can now travel with local fisherman to tour the building and admire its rich heritage. 

Take a look at some breathtaking images of the church here and tell us if you’d visit.

Church 27.10.15.png

Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards

Looking for some breathtaking photography?

Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards has released its 2015 shortlist.

Showcasing twenty photographs across four categories (Interior, Exterior, Sense of Place, and Buildings In Use), the nominations take in images depicting dramatic ruins, striking skyscrapers, and even a hotel in a jungle.

Shortlisted photographers include Fernando Guerra, who has four photographs on the list, and Ryan Koopmans, who has been shortlisted for his shot of De Rotterdam (pictured).

See all the images here and let us know which ones you would choose.

Arcaid 20.10.15.jpg

Stirling Prize winner revealed

Burntwood School in Wandsworth has won the 2015 RIBA Stirling Prize.

RIBA’s Stirling Prize is one of the UK’s most prestigious architecture awards, with nominees shortlisted from the RIBA National Awards and judged for the best contribution to architecture within that year.

The school, which has won a number of architecture awards this year, is a very modern take on design for education, with bold colours and interesting facades.

Architecture firm Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) is behind the winning project, which the judges described as ‘the clear winner of the 2015 RIBA Stirling Prize’.

Other shortlisted buildings include the popular design The Whitworth, which is said to be ‘reminiscent of 1950s Aalto’ and the striking towers of NEO Bankside.

Read more here about Burntwoods success for winning the Stirling Prize.

Burntwood 16.10.15.png

House of Books

Photographer Frank Bohbot has documented the overlooked beauty of libraries all around the world.

From Italy to Japan, Bohbot has travelled all over to create the ‘House of Books’, an astonishing collection of architectural images.

This unique visual record reveals a diverse range of cultures: for example, Rome’s Bibllioteca Angelica has a grand heritage and a lived-in atmosphere, whereas Seikei University Library in Japan uses modern furniture and wide open spaces for a more minimalist look.

However, one thing all the libraries share is their incredible collections of much-loved books.

Take a look at some of Bohbot’s images here and tell us which ones are your favourites.

Libraries 07.10.15.png

The best buildings in the world

As buildings grow ever more ornate and towering, Westermans asks: which are the world’s most impressive structures?

The company’s new infographic looks at some of Earth’s most striking and prestigious buildings, including the Shard, the Burj Khalifa, and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

Complete with statistics on the materials used, the build time, and the cost of each project, the infographic also offers fun facts on the buildings.

For instance, did you know it takes two months to clean the windows of the Petronas Towers? Or that the Chrysler Building was the world’s tallest building for just eleven months?

See the whole infographic here and let us know your favourite building from the list.

Best buildings 05.10.15.jpg


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