Specimen: the new game that tests your colour perception

If you’re intrigued by the way your brain works, this innovative new game is for you.

Specimen is a simple and straightforward game that is not only addictive but also tests your colour perception.

A small circle appears in the centre of the screen with a variety of different coloured amoebas inside.
As the player, all you need to do is match the amoebas with the colour of the background.

The more you get correct, the more points you collect, showing how good your colour perception is.

Faster versions of the game are available for those who want to really test their skills.

Download the game here and watch the video below to see how it all works in action.


Specimen game 27.07.15.png

Mountains of Mouthness

An innovative app allows social media users to experience their tweets being spoken by a mountain.

Goo Technologies’ new app ‘Mountains of Mouthness’ features 3D animated mountains that will recite tweets from people who use the hashtag #Mouthness.

This concept is actually based on a fairytale, in which two mountains in love find themselves separated by a village and have to talk to each other from afar.

Creative Director Magnus Östergren said: “we’re aiming to build the most artist friendly tool for advanced interactive web graphics out there.”

Watch a demonstration of the app here and tweet #mouthness or @MoMouthness to have your message spoken by a cartoon mountain.

MountainofMouthness 27.05.15.JPG

‘Matter’ app gives photos a futuristic feel

Matter appA new app lets users alter their photographs by giving them an otherworldly feel.

‘Matter’ offers four model packs, containing 3D objects and structures, which can be edited into pictures.

The embedded elements can be manipulated with shadows, masks, and can even be made translucent or opaque.

Users can also create looping videos of the structures in motion.

Watch ‘Matter’ in action below or find out more about it here – would you use this innovative new app?

Process Industry Informer magazine app

Process Industry InformerLeading trade magazine Process Industry Informer (PII) is now available across all major tablet devices.

PII, which is currently celebrating twenty years as an independent publication, covers innovation in the UK’s process engineering industries.

Its magazine app is integrated with iTunes, Google Play and Amazon, and as well as offering ‘a completely new reading experience’, the PII app provides additional interactive content compared to the print edition.

Find out more about PII’s digital edition here and tell us if you’ll be subscribing.

Apps to make your life easier

As our lives get ever busier, sometimes technology can lend a hand. Mashable has compiled a list of nine apps designed to make life just a bit easier.

Recycling can be a complex task, but iRecycle can tell you the nearest places to dispose of a range of materials, such as plastic and electronic equipment, helping you to stay green with less effort.

Other handy apps include Pocket, which can save web links and sync them to all your devices so you can access them later – you’ll never miss a must-read article again.

Read the whole list here and tell us your favourites – are there any other convenient apps on which you rely?

‘GPS Penguins’ guide visitors to the Sunshine Aquarium

In Tokyo, the Sunshine Aquarium was having difficulty guiding its visitors from the train station. To solve this problem they had an app designed that enabled digital penguins to guide the visitors from the train station to the aquarium!

Hakuhodo Tokyo teamed up with augmented reality experts Junaio to create this app, which they called “Penguin Navi.”

The designers of this app were able to create incredibly life-like penguins using motion capture technology, the penguins even waddle along the path in the same way real penguins do.

Watch the video below to see this clever app in action, and tell us if this inspires you to visit Sunshine Aquarium.

New Ebay app enables 3D printing

eBay ExactWant to join in on the 3D printing fun but don’t have the cash for a 3D printer? Worry not, with Ebay’s latest app, called “Exact”, you can design your own 3D prints and get them sent straight to your door!

The app enables users to choose from a multitude of 3D designs, customise them, and finally add a personal touch to make them individual.

About 20 designs are available on the app, ranging from jewellery and figurines to phone cases, but we are sure many more will be added soon. 

To make this happen the on-line giant has partnered with 3 of the biggest names in the 3D printing game; MakerBot, Sculpteo, and Hot Pop Factory

Ebay Exact is available for download on iTunes.

Try it for yourself and let us know what you think.


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