Process Industry Informer magazine app

Process Industry InformerLeading trade magazine Process Industry Informer (PII) is now available across all major tablet devices.

PII, which is currently celebrating twenty years as an independent publication, covers innovation in the UK’s process engineering industries.

Its magazine app is integrated with iTunes, Google Play and Amazon, and as well as offering ‘a completely new reading experience’, the PII app provides additional interactive content compared to the print edition.

Find out more about PII’s digital edition here and tell us if you’ll be subscribing.

Apps to make your life easier

As our lives get ever busier, sometimes technology can lend a hand. Mashable has compiled a list of nine apps designed to make life just a bit easier.

Recycling can be a complex task, but iRecycle can tell you the nearest places to dispose of a range of materials, such as plastic and electronic equipment, helping you to stay green with less effort.

Other handy apps include Pocket, which can save web links and sync them to all your devices so you can access them later – you’ll never miss a must-read article again.

Read the whole list here and tell us your favourites – are there any other convenient apps on which you rely?

‘GPS Penguins’ guide visitors to the Sunshine Aquarium

In Tokyo, the Sunshine Aquarium was having difficulty guiding its visitors from the train station. To solve this problem they had an app designed that enabled digital penguins to guide the visitors from the train station to the aquarium!

Hakuhodo Tokyo teamed up with augmented reality experts Junaio to create this app, which they called “Penguin Navi.”

The designers of this app were able to create incredibly life-like penguins using motion capture technology, the penguins even waddle along the path in the same way real penguins do.

Watch the video below to see this clever app in action, and tell us if this inspires you to visit Sunshine Aquarium.

New Ebay app enables 3D printing

eBay ExactWant to join in on the 3D printing fun but don’t have the cash for a 3D printer? Worry not, with Ebay’s latest app, called “Exact”, you can design your own 3D prints and get them sent straight to your door!

The app enables users to choose from a multitude of 3D designs, customise them, and finally add a personal touch to make them individual.

About 20 designs are available on the app, ranging from jewellery and figurines to phone cases, but we are sure many more will be added soon. 

To make this happen the on-line giant has partnered with 3 of the biggest names in the 3D printing game; MakerBot, Sculpteo, and Hot Pop Factory

Ebay Exact is available for download on iTunes.

Try it for yourself and let us know what you think.

Play this vinyl with your smartphone

Office TurntableOffice TurntableKontor Records, in Germany, has come up with a mailer that really grabs your attention, called Office Turntable.

They created a vinyl record that can be played through a smartphone.

The player has a QR code which takes users to a mobile site which gives descriptions of the music as well as playing the track. Just like a real vinyl player, users move the arm to change the track. 

This is a creative combination of analog and digital. Watch the campaign video below.

Skeeball comes to Chrome

Google Roll ItGoogle has created another of its interesting Chrome Experiments, this taking a classic American boardwalk game and digitising it.

Roll it is an electronic version of the popular Skeeball game, where the object of the game is to roll a ball into different holes to gain points.

The Google version works on the same principle and like previous experiments, utilises a link up between desktop and mobile.

The game requires players to have the Chrome Browser installed on both their desktop computer and their mobile device, and then allows them to sync the two, utilising the mobile as a controller.

Play it here (desktop link) and go to on your mobile.

Looking for love? Doughnut company has the answer

Krispy Kreme Love RouletteKrispy Kreme Love RouletteKrispy Kreme Love RouletteIf you’re looking for love this Valentines Day then Krispy  Kreme may have the answer: they have once again released their Love Roulette game on their Facebook page and website.

The game is a bit of fun, matching you with one of your Facebook friends, regardless of gender, preference or relationship status (we were matched with married people and those of the same gender on some attempts), and then it offers you a voucher to get a free doughnut when you buy one of their new Valentines Day doughnuts.

A clever idea to help promote their new doughnuts and inspire you to buy one for that special person in your life!

Play the game on Facebook here or the website here. Enjoy!

Stella Artois sings carols at your door

Stella Artois Facebook AppThis is a fantastic Facebook app from Stella Artois – the only problem is that it is US based so only recognises addresses from the US and Canada, however have a play as it is very clever.

Punch in your address (or make one up) and watch as Alice Eve and her cool band comes to sing carols outside your ‘house’.

Come on Stella – add some other countries and give all a chance to send our Christmas message.

Chameleon clock app for the iPad

iPad Clock AppChameleon Clock appFor those with iPads here’s a great app that turns your device into a transparent clock – a bit of fun for a few minutes!

Click here to download.

Fancy running over your pretentious friends?

Mitsubishi AppEver wanted to get your own back on your pretentious friends on Facebook – well this is the app for you.

Mitsubishi Unpretentious” analyses the content from your friends’ Facebook pages to see which are your most pretentious friends and then runs them over with a speeding 2013 Outlander Sport.

It does not always get it right but it does most of the time.

Combining marketing with interactive online apps has become a great extension to consumer product launches, getting people to engage with products in a fun and interesting way.

Whether encouraging people to run down people they don’t like is questionable but fun anyway.

Click here to get the app.

Fifth Wall app interacts with performer

Fifth Wall AppFifth Wall AppA new app for performing arts publication 2wice called “Fifth Wall” takes interactivity to another level, allowing you to interact with performers by moving your iPad screen.

It was created in collaboration with the choreographer Jonah Bokaer and 2wice publisher Patsy Tarr and takes advantage of the unique spatial and physical parameters of the iPad. In the app, Bokaer engages with the edges of the iPad screen and as users interact with the iPad, the performance responds to the movement of the user, flipping when the screen is turned, or changing when the surface is swiped. 

A great use of apps to engage an audience.

See the video of the making of the app below and click here to download.

AIA launches architecture app

AIA AppIf you’re heading over to the States and fancy finding out more about the buildings around you then this is the essential app.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has formed a partnership with Broadcastr and created an app that provides in-depth information about the buildings around you along with exclusive interviews with architects and a vast library of narratives from local professionals that reveal the stories and facts. The app initially works in Los Angeles, New York City and Washington D.C.

“Imagine standing in front of one of the world’s great buildings and listening to the architect tell you about her inspiration,” said Andy Hunter, CEO of Broadcastr. “We are thrilled that our partnership with AIA makes that possible.”

The AIA Broadcastr is available on Apple and Android. Let us know if you make it over there and use it. Should RIBA be launching a similar app?

Turn your iPhone into a car, boat or ice cream van

If you have ever fancied turning your iPhone into a car then this is the App for you.

With the Makego app you can turn your iPhone into a racing car, ice cream van, or river boat, simply download the Makego app and select your vehicle. Then add Lego for cars or maybe a pencil case for a boat.

The app allows you to interact with the drivers via some very cute animations and sound. If you are looking for a second childhood or are just bored then get downloading.

iPhone Car 2.jpg


‘Showrooms’ app launched for New York

If you are heading off to New York then Designer Pages has the app for you. They have launched an app called Showrooms that helps you to quickly locate architecture and interior design products and materials across the city. Find that showroom you’re looking for and map it, create itineraries for your visits, curate lists of showrooms to share with friends, and even check in using Foursquare. They plan on expanding to other cities in the future. They have even added a scavenger hunt at Architectural Digest Home Show in New York next week. Can’t wait for the London version.

Download the app Showrooms here



Salary Checker app reviewed as ‘Brilliant’ in Stylist Magazine

The Salary Checker iPhone app, recently developed by The Think Tank for Robert Walters Associates, has been featured in Stylist Magazine today and has been reviewed by a lawyer who comments that it is ‘Brilliant’.

See the full piece below.

RWA Salary Checker Article.pdf (219 kb)

Salary Checker Stylist002.jpg

Robert Walters Associates App hits top 10 downloads in first week

The Think Tank has recently developed a multinational Salary Survey App for global recruitment consultants, Robert Walters Associates which has reached the top spot in the Top 10 iPhone Free Business Apps chart for Singapore – the first region to launch.  

A complex app, the Robert Walter Associates Salary Survey provides an interactive salary checker for a wide range of professional roles, including accountancy and finance, banking, human resources, IT, legal and compliance, sales and marketing, secretarial, engineering and supply chain & procurement, across many countries and regions.  

After several months of development the app has been a great success across the globe, with many great reviews and has reached 16th in the overall Business App Chart.  

The Robert Walters Associates Salary Checker app is now being marketed to professionals worldwide. To check out whether you are being paid the right salary download the app here.

RWA Salary Checker.JPG

RWA Salary Checker App 2.JPG

Apple of my Eye: The many apps of an iphone

It won’t be the first time we at The Think Tank have found ourselves rather giddy about the many new i-phone apps that currently available for download. It goes without saying that phones are set to be the new computers by 2015; to this fact, we have all resigned. What is so exciting however is the speed and diverse nature to which these applications are being created.

Take for example the creation of the Nike Training Club app (a get fit customizable training regime), the Nash Ramblas app (a guide to the London festival of architecture) or even the Rob Walters Salary Checker (a guide to find out how much you are really worth), it’s anybody’s guess as to what the next app creation will be. So, let’s get guessing!


Do you know your chairs?

Know your chairs? Try this new iPhone app and see if your knowledge is up to scratch. Design Icon: Chairs showing silhouettes of design icons and asks for their name, designer or date. It was developed by Mark Stevens from Fail Forwards in Copenhagen and costs 59p from the App Store See more here. There is also one for fonts coming soon.

Chair app 2.jpg


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