Covent Garden Market filled with 100,000 balloons

Covent Garden Market has been filled with 100,000 white glowing balloons.

French artist Charles Petillon has installed this piece of art, called Heartbeat, across the ceiling of one of London’s most thriving tourist areas.

The sculpture measures up to 54 metres in length and 12 metres wide, with white lights pulsating within the installation representing the ‘heartbeat’ of the building itself and its history.

Petillon described the piece as a ‘fragile composition that creates a floating cloud above the energy of the market’.

Visitors have until the 27th September to experience Heartbeat for themselves; take a closer look here and tell us if you’ll be visiting.

White Balloons 01.09.15.png

A splash of colour for Mumbai’s taxis

Taxi Fabric has brought a dash of creativity to Mumbai’s taxis, covering them with bright art and transforming them into what some are calling an ‘iconic piece of culture’.

In a bid to stand out, each taxi has been reupholstered with unforgettable art work.

With the help of up and coming Indian designers and a successful Kickstarter campaign, Taxi Fabric’s designs pay homage to India’s rich culture, incorporating colourful tigers, sitars, and the national flag.

Take a look at the beautiful designs here.

Mumbai's Taxis 27.08.15.png

Banksy’s Dismaland

Have you visited Dismaland yet?

No, this isn’t a typo – it’s Banksy’s new exhibition in Weston-super-Mare, which has gained a resoundingly positive response despite its grim ethos.

With the first visitors allowed in the park last week, it’s clear that the experience is not simply another work by the renowned street artist, but an interactive demonstration against the world we live in.

Recycling the typical trappings of theme parks and giving them a dystopian spin, Dismaland showcases the contributions of fifty artists – as well as miserable staff, a carousel on which the horses get turned into lasagne, and a post-apocalyptic ice cream van.

Take a glimpse – if you dare – at Dismaland here and tell us if you’ll be visiting.

Dismaland 25.08.15.png

Classic ads redesigned as 8-Bit images

A graphic artist has transformed classic ads into colourful 8-bit images and GIFs.

Michael Myers was asked by Copypop to reinvent iconic campaigns as retro pixel art; with bold colours and minimalist designs, each image is simply brilliant.

Famous ads such as Cadbury’s drumming gorilla and Coca-Cola’s hilltop ad are featured in the fun collection.

Take a look at the ads here and tell us which other famous campaigns should be recreated 8-bit style.

Pixel ads 20.08.15.png

An Infinity Room of endless reflections

A renowned artist is exhibiting a magical ‘Infinity Room’ in a New York gallery.

Lucas Samaras’ interactive installation, Doorway, is completely covered and filled with mirrors, which produce intriguing effects with colour, light, and perspective, giving visitors a unique sense of weightlessness.

Doorway has been on display at the Pace Gallery as part of the artist’s latest exhibition, Album 2.

Samaras, who made his impact on the art scene in 1966, has a history of creating mirrored room installations, including Room No. 2, Paraxena, and Mirrored Cell.

Take a closer look at Doorway here and tell us if you would like to experience an Infinity Room.

Mirrored Room 17.08.15.png

Stunning quilled paper art

An artist has quit her day job so she can focus on creating stunning quilled paper works of art.

Sena Runa, a former HR Specialist, now spends her time crafting intricate designs and publishing the results on Instagram.

Quilling is an ornamental craft that involves a delicate hand to shape material into unique, eye-catching designs; taking inspiration from her day to day life, Sena uses the curves and colours of paper to create light hearted and beautiful pieces, from detailed feathers to colourful hearts.

Take a closer look at her beautiful work here and tell us what you think of it.

Quilling Art 14.08.15.png

3D pavement paintings of giant gummy bears

To celebrate the Malta Street Art Festival, artist Leon Keer has created 3D pavement paintings – of giant gummy bears.

Playing with perspective, Keer’s bears look large and flat from the pavement, but from above, they look three-dimensional and the size of humans.

With professional shading, use of colour, and light, each bear has a surprisingly life-like feel, and with a deeper meaning behind the art, the painting provides a literally different perspective to the joyful sweet we all know.

Take a look at the art here and let us know what you think.

gummy bear art 13.08.15.png


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